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Court dispute leads to legal fees six times the value of the number plate

March 31, 2014


The number plate JM 2 has been returned to its owner after and a long and costly court battle.

Sir John Madejski, chairman of Reading Football Club, mounted legal fees of £300,000 to get his private registration back.

The number plate, which was originally released in December 1931, has been independently valued at £50,000.

Dispute over the cherished registration started in 2010 when Sir John Madejski sold a Jaguar XJ220 – which displayed the registration – in an auction. He insists that the registration mark was not included in his deal with the auctions, Coys of Kensington.

Car enthusiast, Malcolm Harrison, paid £130,000 at auction for the Jaguar. Malcolm and his son, Jack, claim they increased their maximum bid by £30,000 believing the registration was included.

In the eyes of the DVLA it is the registered keeper of the vehicle that has control over the attached number plate. By becoming the registered owner before the number was retained, Malcolm became the legal owner. It was at this point that Mr Harrison retained the number plate in his own name.

The case was ruled on last year when Judge Donald Hamilton of Reading County Court ruled that: ‘No reasonable buyer could have concluded that the mark was included in the sale’.

Sir John was to be paid £30,000 in damages for the value of the registration less the £20,000 Mr Harrison had spent on the vehicle’s MOT.

Harrison did appeal the decision but this was dismissed as neither the auction brochure or website suggested the JM 2 reg mark was included with the vehicle.


eBay sells one car every minute

March 5, 2014
Posted in Car news — Written by National Numbers

One car is sold per minute in the UK by Internet retailer, eBay, according to eBay Advertising.

“As consumers become more comfortable buying big ticket items online, we’ve seen our motors market continue to grow,” said Phuong Nguyen, the UK Head of eBay Advertising.

The findings show the increasing importance of online retailers in the UK, as well as the newfound significance to the automotive market.

Purchasing vehicles online is most common amongst those aged 30-34.

March has also showed as the busiest month, likely due to new car registrations being issued on March 1st – such as the current 14 number plates.

“It’s not just about being able to buy online,” Phuong Nguyen continued. “Consumers are also looking to research, browse and be inspired on their desktops, tablets and mobiles before arriving at their local dealership.”

“Smart car brands understand this and are offering customers the opportunity to engage with them at a time and place which suits them, confident that a strong digital presence will help drive sales on and offline.”

Other trends found include the purchasing for styling kits during the summer months with a part sold every 20 seconds to boy-racers pimping their ride. Tires and lighting accessories become more popular in the Winter months to prepare for the ice and snow.

Range Rover, Land Rover, Mini, BMW and Mercedes are shown to be the most popular brands search for by eBay customers.


BMW i3 named as UK Car of the Year

March 3, 2014
Posted in Car news — Written by National Numbers

The first-ever UK Car of the Year Awards has given the top price to the BMW i3.

The i3 beat out the Range Rover Sport, Audi A3, Citroen C4 Grand Picasso and the Porsche Cayman, also picking up the gong for Best Supermini in the process.

A panel of 27 reputable motoring journalists voted to decide the winners of the 11 contested categories alongside the overall Car of the Year Award. Almost half voted for the BMW i3.

“Alternative vehicles have made a big impression on UK car buyers in recent years, and the i3 takes things to the next level,” said John Challen, Managing Director of UK Car of the Year Awards, and Editor of

“It might be a new direction for BMW, but the i3 successfully retains the driving characteristics from BMW’s more established models.”

bmw i3 car of the year

Uwe Dreher, BMW UK Marketing Director, said: “For the BMW i3 to be voted as the first-ever UK Car of the Year is real testament to the years of research and development that have gone into making BMW’s first electric production car.

“The BMW i3 has pushed the boundaries in every way from sustainable production, to its unique construction and revolutionary ownership proposition. The judging panel clearly recognised this and we are delighted to be given such an independent accolade.”

Runner-up to the BMW i3 for the UK Car of the Year 2014 prize was the Ford Fiesta ST, which won the Best Performance Car category.

Joint third place went to the Skoda Octavia Estate and Jaguar F-TYPE, which topped the Best Estate and Best Open Top Car categories respectively.

Elsewhere the Audi A3 picked up the Best Small Hatch prize. The Best Executive Car went to the BMW 5 Series. The Range Rover Sport collected the Best 4×4 award. The Best Luxury Car was announced as the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. The Porsche Cayman and the Citroen C4 Grand Picasso were awarded the Best Coupe and Best MPV awards respectively.


F1 cars will be ‘much faster’ says Ferrari director

February 17, 2014
Posted in Car news — Written by National Numbers

Technical director for Ferrari, James Allison, has assured drivers that the current Formula 1 cars be rapidly improved before the new season arrives.

Allison’s comments would be welcome following concerns expressed by a number of drivers that the 2014 F1 cars might be too slow.

A perceived low performance could be a combination of engine performance and reliability being amongst the main focuses, rather than aerodynamic development, according to Allison.

He has also revealed that teams are making massive progress in terms of performance to combat the cornering speeds.

“Just look at the size of the rear wings – they are more or less Canada-type rear wings,” said Allison.

“That is roughly where the downforce of the [2014] car is. There is also not the blowing of the floor either.

“But new rules offer new opportunities, so the rate of finding downforce is quite steep.

“You never know when it is going to slacken off, but it is showing no signs of that at the moment.”


Many teams ran during pre-season with basic car configuration, opting to leave their proper aerodynamic developments for later in the preparations.

UK driver Jenson Button believes that speeds will lift before the Australian Grand Prix, and would continue to improve over the length of the campaign.

“When we go to the first race everyone is going to be much faster,” he said.

“And by the end of the year we might not be that far off, a couple of seconds.”

Rod Nelson, the chief test and support engineer for Williams, said that teams would be focusing on speed at the forthcoming Bahrain tests, although it may not be until the final run that the true potential becomes clear.

“I’ve got about 300 things on my list to do, and I think we’ve knocked off about 50 so far,” he explained.

“We’ve got a load of stuff to do. We’ve got a whole race distance to run, which isn’t all about qualifying pace.

“We’ve got different tests we’re looking at to look at tyre degradation versus first lap performance for example.

“We’ll have a lot of the new aero components that we’re expecting for Melbourne will come for the second Bahrain test.”


Shocking video of a highspeed wrong-way driver

February 14, 2014
Posted in Car news,DVLA News — Written by National Numbers

The above video shows an elderly motorist travelling at high speeds down the A11 in Cambridgeshire.

The bedlam was seen and recorded by numerous stunned motorists as she blitzed down the wrong side of the busy dual carriageway.

Luckily the police sprung to action, closing the road before anyone was hurt.

Due to health reasons the lady will not be charged, but the police have seized the vehicle and are currently attempting to have her licence revoked.


World’s largest James Bond Collection for sale

February 12, 2014
Posted in Car news — Written by National Numbers

A private buyer of James Bond vehicles is offering his collection for sale at £20m.

The collection includes over 60 vehicles from the 007 franchise, including cars, aircrafts, boats and even hovercrafts.


Michael Dezer, an Israeli-born real estate developer from New York, has collected the assortment of vehicles over the last three years.

A UK representative of Dezer, Stuart Donovan, said: “It’s the biggest privately-owned collection of vehicles from the Bond films anywhere in the world.”

More than half of the collection is made up of cars, including the Aston Martin DB5 from Goldeneye, the Aston Martin V8 from The Living Daylights and the Triumph Stag from Diamonds are Forever. There are also some quirky vehicles included also, such as the You Only Live Twice autogiro and the boat from The World Is Not Enough.

Dezer attempted to add the infamous Lotus Esprit submarine car to his collection last September but was outbid.

If you wish to enquire on the collection you can contact Stuart Donovan by telephone on 01590 644476 or by emailing him on


Self-driving “Pod cars” coming to Milton Keynes

November 6, 2013
Posted in Car news — Written by National Numbers


Milton Keynes have announced plans to introduce 100 models of the self-driving, zero-emission electric vehicle to the city by 2015.

The ULTra Personal Electric Transportation Pods, otherwise known as “pod cars”, will connect the city’s shopping centre to its central station.

Members of the public will be able to “order” the pods much like they would a taxi, with the main difference being that a smartphone app will likely be used in place of a phone call.

Pods will transport up to four passengers to their destination at 12mph using the on-board computer to navigate complex routes without a human driver, it will cost around £2 per journey.

On top of being environmentally friendly, the pods are also virtually silent and are very lightweight.

A similar system has been used at Heathrow Airport since 2011.

Overall cost for implementing the proposed plan is said to be around £65 million.


James Bond Submarine Car Sells for £550,000

September 19, 2013
Posted in Auctions,Car news — Written by National Numbers

The infamous Lotus Espirit-turned-submarine was recently sold at auction.

Driven by Roger Moore in the 1977 Bond film, The Spy Who Loved Me, the aquatic vehicle is said to still be fully operational, though it is not road legal.

A bidding war took place for the legendary piece of memorabilia before finally selling for the £550k price tag.

Peter Haynes of RM Auctions, who ran the auction, said: “Bearing in mind it is not a car that can be driven on the road, the price just goes to prove the draw that all Bond-related memorabilia has.”

Despite the bidding war and impressive selling price, it was said that the vehicle could have reached closer to a million pounds.

James Bond car driven by Roger Moore in The Spy Who Loved Me

Lotus Espirit in The Spy Who Bought Me

It was one of the classic 007 scenes in cinema history. James Bond is driving the flash Lotus being chased by a helicopter. As he nears to end of the road with nowhere else to go, he drives off the edge of a dock into the cold ocean – only to turn his ride into a submarine.

It is one of the film franchises finest examples of our favourite spy cheating death and escaping an impossible situation.

The car had since been paraded around the world until it was put into storage by the production company, and that is where this story gets a bit weird.

For those who aren’t familiar with the TV show Storage Wars, if you rent a storage unit or shipping container but do not keep up with the payments, the owners have the right to auction off the contents.

In 1989, exactly this happened. After spending about ten years in storage, no one came to collect the 007 Lotus. At and auction in which bidders do not get to even look inside the storage container, the submersible sold for a meagre $100.

The buyer at the time, who has chosen to remain anonymous, did not recognise the car at the time, but has earned a very good profit from the recent sale.

An odd story, don’t you agree?

Dave Hester, from Storage Wars, agrees


The vehicle, nicknamed “Wet Nellie” by its on-set driver, retired Navy SEAL Don Griffin, was made for a sum of $100,000 – the equivalent of $500,000 today.

It sports the suffix number plate, PPW 306R, which were first issued in 1976.

The Aston Martin DB5 from Goldfinger and Thunderball, driven by Sean Connery, previously sold for $4.4million in 2010.


Daniel Walker is a wannabe movie expert and is the founder and editor of

Nissan launch world’s fastest electric car

June 28, 2013
Posted in Car news — Written by National Numbers


UK car manufacturer Nissan has launched an electric car  that can reach 185mph, making it the fastest eco-friendly vehicle in the world.

The Zero Emission On Demand Racing Car (ZEOD RC) is twice as fast as other electric cars currently on the market.

Nissan green project is fitted with modified versions of the electric technology used in their previous LEAF model.

The unique and innovative ZEOD RC will make its race debut at 2014 Le Mans 24 Hour event in France, competing under the Automobile Club de l’Ouest’s “Garage 56” entry — an additional spot on the grid for vehicles that showcase new and innovative technology.

There are plans to continue experimenting with several types of engine and electric technologies with the ZEOD RC in an attempt to improve its performance ahead of the race.

“The tech developed through the program will form part of future innovations for road cars,” said Ben Bowlby, Nissan’s Director of Motorsport Innovation who headed the ZEOD RC design team.

If the technology proves successful we will likely see future electric vehicles car the same specs.

Tailgaters and middle-lane drivers targeted by new fines

June 24, 2013
Posted in Car news,DVLA News — Written by National Numbers

New fines for anti-social and careless driving habits are to be introduced in July.

Tailgaters, middle-lane hoggers and mobile phone users will be targeted by the new on-the-spot penalties.

Currently, guilty drivers are issued with a court summons after being stopped by the police. Fines reduce bureaucracy, making it easier for police to crackdown on careless driving.

“Careless drivers are a menace and their negligence puts innocent people’s lives at risk,” said Transport Minister Stephen Hammond.

“That is why we are making it easier for the police to tackle problem drivers by allowing them to immediately issue a fixed penalty notice.”

On top of the fine, motorists will be given the option to complete a training course to avoid driving license points.

Drivers will be given 28 days to pay the fine.

Drivers may refuse to pay the fine if they feel they have been wrongly accused, though must defend themselves in court.

Simon Best, Chief Executive of the Institute of Advanced Motorists, feels that the new legislation has flaws.

“What we don’t want is for the line between careless driving, which attracts these fixed penalties, and dangerous driving to become blurred.

“For example, there could be an instance of dangerous driving which would, if pursued, involve a court case.

“But instead it’s downgraded to careless driving and a fixed penalty notice is issued because that’s easier from a procedural point of view.”

Edmund King, President of the AA, however supports the changes.

“We are please that at long last new powers and fines will be given to the police,” said King.

“We believe that an increase in the standard motoring fixed penalty fine will help deter those who commit motoring offences.”