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Tips to purchase the perfect personalised number plate for your vehicle

May 26, 2009
Posted in Number Plates — Written by Daniel

Private number plates undoubtedly make a great investment. There are different types of number plates available, to suit your preference. However, the decision to purchase the perfect type of number plate for your vehicle depends on various factors. First and foremost, before selecting any kind of number plate, proper budgeting is required. Depending on the availability of a specific number plate and your budget, you can choose an appropriate number plate for your vehicle.

1 It is always advisable to purchase those number plates that have fewer letters and numbers. This is because short registrations numbers usually look better when displayed. These number plates are usually quite rare and as such can be expensive.
2 If you have a good budget, you can purchase a number plate that has your initials or a number that is relevant to you.
3 Always register your number plate with the DVLA, you can keep your plate on retention if necessary until you put it on your vehicle of choice.

Make sure you search relevant sites because there at thousand of plates to choose from.

Reasons why Irish number plates are becoming increasingly popular

May 25, 2009
Posted in Number Plates — Written by Shelly

The popularity of private number plates is at an all time high. Purchasing a personalised number plate can occasionally be a costly affair. Though the cost of these number plates can sometimes be quite high, people still continue to buy them.

Today, many popular names and initials are becoming increasingly rare amongst private number plate collectors. Hence, many people have now started to opt for Irish number plates. By choosing Irish number plates, you have a better chance of finding the right type of number plate for your vehicle.

The best advantage of purchasing an Irish number plate is that they are considered dateless. They can be assigned to any vehicle, regardless of its age. Apart from that, the cost of these number plates is much lower than other types of number plate. An Irish number plate registration can cost as little as £100. Thus, these kinds of number plates may well be within your budget.

The format used in Irish number plates is quite different from that of DVLA number plates. According to the format, Irish number plates allow people to have two or even three letters, which is followed by a maximum of four digits. These number plates include letters such as ‘I’ and ‘Z’, which cannot be used in DVLA number plates. This offers greater flexibility in terms of the spelling and word options.

At present, the popularity of Irish number plates is quite high, similar to that of DVLA number plates. So if you want a cheaper alternative to DVLA number plates, then why not opt for Irish number plates?

Tips for finding affordable private number plates for your vehicle

Posted in Number Plates — Written by Daniel

Many of us have the desire to own a personalised number plate. However, purchasing a private number plate need not necessarily be expensive. You do not have to stretch your budget when purchasing a private number plate. There are thousands of different private number plates available. Hence, choosing the right type of number plate need not always be difficult. If you have a limited budget, or you simply wish to spend a few hundred pounds to cover the age of your vehicle, you can always purchase cheap number plates.

When you talk about cheap or affordable number plates, nothing can beat DVLA number plates. There are many different types of DVLA number plates available and the cost can be really low. When it comes to DVLA number plates, registration numbers that have four digits usually start with an amount lower than £100. These types of number plates do not have any kind of year identifier and so can be assigned on any vehicle. Many people have started purchasing DVLA number plates, as most of the famous initials and names are available with the DVLA.

Nevertheless, if DVLA number plates do not appeal to you, you can always opt for current and prefix style number plates. You can have your initials placed on private number plates for as little as £150. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get your own private number plate today!

Irish number plates: both cheap and popular

May 24, 2009
Posted in Number Plates — Written by William

Private number plates are undoubtedly gaining in popularity. Irish number plates are making their mark. One can now see various automobiles displaying Irish number plates. The popular initials and name combinations are becoming scarce; hence many people are opting for Irish number plates.

Irish number plates are from Northern Ireland. They are car registrations that follow a particular format. They display three letters of the alphabet and numbers. Some even have four numbers on the plates. For instance, an Irish number plate will look like ALZ 3214.

The rates of Irish number plates are comparatively lower than other UK car registrations. There are various cheap number plates available that you can get for your vehicle without having to spend a fortune.

Irish number plates are categorised as dateless registrations as it does not consider age and can be given to any vehicle. Some people purchase Irish number plates so that they can use them as cover plates. This is because Irish number plates, being dateless registrations, can hide the age of the vehicle effectively. The vehicle thus gets a classic look.

If you are looking for cheap Irish number plates, then you can purchase the less popular letter combinations with a mix of four uncommon numbers.

Irish number plates offer various advantages such as low prices and good letter combinations. Moreover, they are all dateless registrations, making your vehicle timeless. When purchasing new registrations for their vehicles, people find Irish number plates a viable option.

Getting the ideal personalised number plate for your vehicle

May 23, 2009
Posted in Number Plates — Written by Shelly

Usually, when people watch a nice looking car go by they also tend to look at the number plate of that car. This is because many people are now aware of personalised number plates and how popular they are as car accessories. Car owners are turning to mounting personalised number plates on their vehicles because they are a great way for owners to express themselves.

Here are a few reasons why getting a personalised number plate is a good idea:

• Thinking up your own personalised number plate is a creative and fun way to add a personal touch to your vehicle

• Creating a number plate for your own vehicle allows you to make any kind of statement that you feel like displaying. It could be a name, nickname, profession, passion or words that have meaning to you

• Getting a personalised number plate is not hard to do thanks to the many car registration companies that can be found online

• Personalised number plates are available at different prices in a range that is quite affordable for everyone

The ease and simplicity of being able to have a number plate that speaks your mind is something that many car owners are opting for. Online car registration companies have made it extremely easy for customers to find the number plate they want with the help of a search tool. With this facility, you can look for the availability of the personalised number plate you desire or anything that is close to it.

How businesses can benefit from number plates

Posted in Number Plates — Written by Daniel

For every vehicle that goes on to the road, having a DVLA number plate is a vital requirement. This is a necessity as it helps the local authorities and police identify vehicles and track them down when required. DVLA number plates are a must for all kinds of vehicles and they have to be mounted on both the front and back. Previously, number plates were allotted to people, without them having any say in the matter.

Today however, vehicle owners can choose what they want their number plate to say and this has proved to be a huge benefit to those who run their business.

Vehicle owners that want to make their SME businesses better known to the general public can use number plates to promote it. The ability to choose what you want your number plate to say has made this possible. Driving around in a vehicle that is perhaps sporting the name of a company or a profession can get the public’s attention, which can work in a great way for the company owner.

The best part is that the DVLA has made it possible for just about anyone to get a personalised number plate at a reasonable price. You need not go to the DVLA office either to get the number plate you want as it can be done easily and quickly from an online car registration company. Having your vehicle sport this kind of a number plate will get your company all the attention you want and more.

Cherished number plates and why they are perfect for cars

May 22, 2009
Posted in Number Plates — Written by William

It is not unusual for people to be attached to the first phone or car they bought themselves. People tend to cherish these items more than anything and often find it hard to let go of them. Even cars that are handed down from generation to generation are very precious to their owners. Cherished number plates are like this.

These are usually private number plates that someone has owned for years or they can be dateless registrations. Cherished number plates are a great way to make a vehicle stand out and at one time were very difficult to get. But that was before cherished number plates could be obtained from online car registration companies.

The ability to get cherished number plates so easily and without having to go to an auction has made cherished number plates a popular car accessory. Many businesses are using cherished number plates as a way of advertising their company to make them as popular as they can. The surprising thing is that people tend to take a lot of notice of these number plates and remember them well.

Cherished number plates also make wonderful investments. All you have to do is find the right number plate for your vehicle. Cherished number plates like CEO 1, BO55, BOS 55Y make quite a mark. The important thing is to know how to choose a cherished number plate. If you can find a number plate that suits your purpose best, you can be sure of it lasting a long time and of getting a whole lot of attention.

Get a creative DVLA number plate to make your vehicle unique

Posted in Number Plates — Written by Shelly

Like a licence is required for a person to be able to drive, it is also necessary for vehicles to have appropriate DVLA number plates to let the vehicle go on the roads. DVLA car registrations are legal requirements that help authorities and police keep track of every vehicle and maintain order when it comes to controlling them. Every vehicle has to display a DVLA number plate on the front and back before it can hit the road.

DVLA number plates have always been seen as just a way to distinguish vehicles from each other. Today, however, DVLA number plates are more than just a required vehicle identity. They are now looked at as style statements and must-have car accessories for many people. This is because people now have the opportunity to choose the number plate they want their vehicles to sport and it can be just about anything.

Being able to express themselves on their car number plates has appealed to many people so the number of cars with personalised number plates is growing at a steady rate. One of the best things about being able to get a personalised number plate is that it can say anything you want. It could be a name, number, a simple word or anything the vehicle owner can relate to.

What many people who want personalised DVLA number plates will be happy about is that these number plates are not very expensive so it makes sporting them even more fun.

Tips for finding the right type of number plate for your vehicle

May 21, 2009
Posted in Number Plates — Written by Daniel

Buying a personalised number plate can be considered a personal decision that reflects individual aspects of a car owner’s life. When it comes to private number plates, you can display initials, people’s names, words and also numbers that are significant to the owner. These number plates help to make your vehicle stand apart from the rest, thereby offering you the opportunity of imagination, self-expression and pride. Personalised number plates need not be expensive either. Today, you can find many private number plates that cost as little as £100.

Private number plates are very popular and are available in vast numbers that can start from a low price but can be extremely expensive. The most popular types of number plates are the ones that represent initials and names. Number plates that have first names are the most expensive as they are the most desirable type of number plate. Number plates with initials usually make a much more affordable option. You can also purchase number plates that make good words. Words that indicate speed, power, pets, jobs, hobbies, profession and sport are popular. However, the price of such of such number plates may vary, depending on their popularity.

The options for personalised number plates are huge. It is always advisable to spend some time to search for the right type of number plate for your vehicle.

Rude number plates can be offensive

May 20, 2009
Posted in Number Plates — Written by Daniel

At the time when the British registration system started, there was a fear that a few of the number plates issued by the DVLA may unintentionally stand or spell something rude. Private number plates have become extremely popular over time. In the early days, private number plates were known to be the status symbol of the rich and famous. As private number plates became more affordable over time, it has become possible for everyone to have one for their own vehicle.

There are a number of combinations that you can register. Private number plates allow you to have 3D lettering, borders and flags. However, one can even have a combination of their choice. The combination that they choose can also be offending to some. Some examples of private number plates that were up for auction are – T 8 RTS 1275, T 8 RTY 1275 which indicates tarts and tarty.

Some other offending number plates are GOD, FUK, SEX and BF. However, after being so cautious it was very surprising that POO and LOO slipped through the censorship. In 1996, the DVLA reconsidered some combinations that had initially been banned while BOG, HOG, LAV, APE, 666 and FAG were restored.

In 2001, further censorship issues arose at the time when the new number plate system came into force. After the arrival of this system, the initial two letters as well as the entire words were to be examined. It is surprising to know how these number plates got to be released by the DVLA.