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DVLA number plates and the formats that need to be followed

May 31, 2009
Posted in Number Plates — Written by Daniel

Driving around today, there is one thing that you will simply not fail to notice and that is the increasing number of vehicles that are sporting personalised number plates. As these are no more a luxury only for the elite, many people are opting to have personalised number plates on their vehicles. The DVLA has made it possible for vehicle owners to create their number plates with a combination of letters and numbers that they prefer.

However, personalised number plates cannot be created by using any numbers or letters in any way that individuals want. The DVLA has set a particular format that has to be followed while creating a personalised number plate. There are two varieties that personalised number plates are available in.

• Number followed by letters
• Letters followed by numbers

The combination in which these letters and numbers are used is what makes personalised number plates stand out when compared to ordinary number plates. The DVLA introduced another format for personalised number plates in 2001 which include 2 letters which are followed by 2 numbers and again by 3 letters. The new format was expected not to yield good results but it seems that people have managed to come up with good personalised number plates with this format as well.

As personalised number plates are not too expensive anymore, a large number of vehicle owners are starting to create number plates that are in some way linked to themselves. This has also resulted in many different uses of number plate combinations today.

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