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Number Plate Technology Assists Lincolnshire Police Crime Crackdown

October 19, 2011
Posted in Number Plate News — Written by matthew.smith

Lincolnshire Police Force have implemented a campaign to crackdown on metal thefts across the county.

The multi-agency operation was carried out in the Horncastle area on Friday, with positive results.

Operation Albay was set up around the Horncastle area with checkpoints assigned to key areas linked to scrap metal transportation.

Vehicles transporting scrap metal were stopped and checked over by police at the various checkpoints.

The operation saw two 18-year-old men arrested on suspicion of theft when a large amount of electrical cabling was found in their vehicle.

The operation comes under the larger Operation Brompton, which focuses on metal theft in general.

Metal crime has been on the increase recently, with a large amount of high voltage power lines stolen over the past few months.

One 38-year-old man was arrested for possessing a large amount of cash, suspected of being the proceeds of crime.

Areas targeted tend to be isolated properties, where there is easy access and being challenged is unlikely.

“There are two large scrap metal dealers and one smaller dealer in the town and so we see a large volume of traffic coming in to Horncastle to weigh in scrap metal,” explained Sgt Rich Comins of Horncastle Police.

“The majority of loads will be perfectly legitimate scrap but there will also undoubtedly be a number of people who visit the scrap dealers with lead, copper and other metals that have been procured through theft.

“The use of the ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cars, together with the assistance of colleagues from VOSA, means that we have additional opportunities to check for other offences relating to insurance, the use of illegal diesel and unroadworthy vehicles”.

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