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Number Plate Thief Jailed for Stealing Diesel

October 26, 2011
Posted in Number Plate News — Written by matthew.smith

Stealing diesel and handling stolen number plates has landed the self-proclaimed “Robin Hood of Oxford” with a lengthy prison sentence.

Taffyn Betnay of Oxford, was handed a 45 week long jail sentence in Oxford Crown Court, after admitting to being in possession of stolen number plates, taken from a car in nearby Cowley in March.

PC Stuart Carey hopes that the court ruling will act as a deterrent to others who are considering committing similar crimes.

“This is a clear example to anyone who is considering stealing fuel using stolen number plates that the police and courts will deal with all offences robustly,” PC Carey said.

The prison sentence follows Mr Betnay’s conviction in December 2010 for stealing over £1,213 worth of fuel from various petrol stations.

Oxford Crown Court heard Mr Betnay’s confessions of how he’d stolen number plates from across the city, fitted them to his girlfriend’s car while she was at work, filled the car with diesel, and drove off without paying.

Mr Betnay also attempted to make a profit from his spate of diesel thefts by selling some of the fuel he had stolen at half-price.

In addition, three counts of number plate theft and eight further counts of leaving without making payment for fuel were also taken into consideration.

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