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Reasons behind the rise in popularity of Irish number plates

May 27, 2009
Posted in Number Plates — Written by William

Private number plates are very popular and the sales of these number plates are at an all time high. Today, many people have turned towards Irish number plates while purchasing a new registration, mainly because most popular initial combinations and names have become increasingly scarce in UK. An Irish number plate is a car registration, which originates in Northern Ireland. They usually follow a format that displays 3 letters and is also followed by a maximum of 4 numbers. The registration of ALZ 3214 can be considered as an example of Irish number plate.

Irish number plates usually differ from DVLA counterparts and generally display letters like I or Z in their registration. The addition of such letters can create much more popular combinations compared to DVLA number plates that cannot offer combinations like GIL, BIL, WIL and CAZ registration plates. Nevertheless, a few other combinations like DIG and BIG are easily accessible and are incredibly popular among landscape gardeners and plant companies. The best advantage of purchasing Irish number plate is that the prices of these number plates are quite a lot lower compared to DVLA car registrations.

An individual can purchase an Irish number plate for less than £100. Moreover, number plates like CAZ usually start at an amount of £400. The cost of an Irish number plate increases with neater or lower numbers. The number 1 plates usually command the highest prices. Irish number plates are the most cost effective way to add a personalised touch to your vehicles.

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