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Cheap number plates, cheap plates under 39 pounds



Only a small budget? Read on about cheap number plates

Not everyone is able (or willing) to spend thousands so this is where the idea of cheap number plates comes into its own. Below, the different sources of cheap marks are described.

Northern Ireland Plates

These cheap number plates start from around £100 and come in the format of 3 letters (including the letters 'I' or 'Z') plus four numbers. For example, at the time of writing, CJZ 8984, FNZ 5630, LJZ 1553 and NUI 5249 are on the market from our stock for £115 plus a DVLA fee of £80. Such cheap number plates are useful since they effectively cover or hide the year letter of you vehicle but it would be a lucky person indeed who actually found their initials amongst the range. Often you can find a significant date or numbers - try our search anything box and enter the numbers you are after. For example, a 5249 number (as in the NUI example above) could indicate a birthday of 5th Feb 1949 - get the idea?

If you have a bit more to spend, you can find something like RIW 4756 at around £250 plus transfer - an RW four digit dateless would set you back £2,500, so the advantages of Irish number plates to the cheap number plates market are obvious.

You can actually spell names or words with NI plates - for example: DEZ 7447 at £275, DAZ 3917 at £425, ANZ 5429 at £325, HAZ 5039 at £325 or WIL 3993 at £550 would be good news for Desmond, Darren, Anne, Hazel or William, wouldn't they? When you consider that many name plates at DVLA auctions can go for many thousands on the hammer, these cheap number plates are well worth thinking about. Such NI plates are also useful for smartening up an aging Mercedes - for example, what about BNZ 5672 at £350 or XJI 2594 at £595 or an immaculate jaguar?

Another advantage of NI marks is that they will fit any DVLA registered vehicle so you don't get tangled up in the 'age-related' red tape - remember, you cant use a plate to make a vehicle appear newer than it is.

Prefix Plates - Make Your Own Plate

This type of cheap reg allows you to choose a prefix year letter plus 1, 2 or 3 numbers followed by three letters (not including I, Q or Z). The price range of these cheap number plates (usually well under £300) allows you to choose you initials - parents, remember, in future, to always give your child three names, thus planning for the future!

The range is, obviously, subject to availability and the age related rule mentioned above. Most of these type of cheap number plates will not increase in value but rather should be looked on as a 'fun' accessory for your vehicle.

This type of mark is the one most people buy as a surprise gifts for Christmas or birthdays since they can be purchased in advance on certificate of entitlement. Then, on the day or when appropriate, the documents (V5/C, tax disc and MOT if applicable) of the vehicle can be presented along with the certificate at the local Department of Transport Office to have the plate assigned. A new tax disc showing all the tax paid for the new mark is issued and the acrylic plates can be proudly affixed to the vehicle.

The release of these type of cheap number plates has definitely extended the private or personalised plate industry to the wider public.

Dateless 'Cover' Plates

Lastly, three letter, three number marks exist which, possibly, still qualify as cheap number plates. For example, 277 UXL, 306 UXB, MBX 953 - pre 1962 marks - so dateless i.e. no year-letter identifier - but with the sort of letter combinations that have little chance of matching anyone's initials. These sorts of cheap number plates usually retail for between £450 and £550.

For more information about the world of personal numbers, you can go to number plate or personalised registration plates, but if it really is a cheap number plate you're after and ready to have a look, please use our carefully selected searches.

Remember, National Numbers has been in the business for more than 25 years, has highly trained staff (including two administration managers with more than 40 years experience between them), the chairman is an executive member of CNDA (Cherished Numbers Dealer Association), the only governing body with whom the DVLA meets regularly. You will receive the same 'Rolls Royce' service from us if you are spending hundreds or thousands of pounds - customer satisfaction is our watchword. (Glance at our testimonials if you have time) - Whatever you do, please give our searches a go. Thanks for your attention and good luck!

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