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Cherished number plates, cherished numbers for sale



What are cherished numbers?

Where did the idea of the term "Cherished Numbers" come from? If you look in the dictionary, "cherish" is defined as "to treasure" or "to care for". This is exactly what was felt by early owners of special or significant registration numbers or indeed, cherished numbers.

Perhaps the cherished numbers have been in the family for years or, as one client explained, the mark she was retaining had been bought for her son who had sadly died. Because of this wish by the public to keep and transfer certain special marks, DVLC (as it was then) put in place regulations to allow for the transfer of marks from vehicle to vehicle. Thus, the idea of cherished numbers was born.

Nowadays, this wish to keep specific cherished numbers is made even easier by the introduction of the retention and entitlement certificates. For example, many clients have purchased cherished numbers for their infant children. These parents are more than willing to pay the current annual fee of £25 to DVLA to keep the certificate up to date until such time as their offspring reach their seventeenth birthday.

Cherished numbers on vintage vehicles

As a long-time established dealer in this industry of cherished numbers, we have extensive archived material sent to us by owners of vintage vehicles. For those of you who are interested, to follow are some details from such records:

1) This vintage motorcycle is one of the most rare vehicles ever to pass through our hands. It was a ladies model 1924 Beardmore - the fact that it was a ladies model made it even more rare - the bike had no cross-bar and had a guard round the chain to make it safe for long skirts. The documents had a letter attached from a previous owner dated 21st July 1976 - I quote from the letter "At the last count the Beardmore marque specialist reckoned that there were only about 6 of this model left. It was also obtainable as a gents machine at the same price £47-10-0d"

The original cherishd number had been RM 16 and the last cardboard log book we had sight of was stamped by Cumberland County Council.

2) Another beautiful vintage motorcycle which we had the privilege to see: A 1926 Rudge Whitworth with an original BR + 4 digit cherished number - and another:- DN 829 on a 1915 Elswick.

Looking through the archives reminds us of the all the interesting people we have met over the last 25 years. As dealers in actual vintage vehicles, I suppose you get a sense of the history attached to the cherished numbers which is a bit lacking nowadays in this age of computerised records and un-issued marks existing on certificates.

One chap couldn't afford to pay for a certain motor-cycle all at once. We had agreed he could pay in instalments. Each time when he called to pay off a bit more, he would ask if he could sit in the garage for a while - just to look at his precious motor-cycle.

Nowadays, the market in personal or private registrations has been extended to suit more buyers budgets. However, the original description of cherished numbers has probably not the same relevance now. If you would like to read more, go to Cherished Number Plates.

Thankfully, times change and we at National Numbers have certainly not stood still. We now use the latest technology to make sure you can source the private or cherished numbers you are looking for - whether it be your initials, name, birthday, anything. We are still run by the same directors who first got interested in vintage vehicles all those years ago - so we benefit both from all that experience plus highly-trained staff and a massive database in excess of 30 million cherished numbers.

For more background reading, go to car-reg or car registration or, better still, try our search facilities on the web site. Remember, you are dealing with an award-winning company who have been in business more than a quarter of a century - we're sure that, whatever registration mark you buy, it will become a cherished number to you.

Go ahead and search.

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