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Dateless plates; dateless personalised number plates



Typical dateless plates are those with a 3 x 3 format, numbers and letters without a prefix or suffix or any Irish registration number which contain 'I' or 'Z' are all dateless plates and typifies Dateless Plates.

The starting price of dateless reg can be as low as £50 and go to many hundreds of thousands of pounds. A dateless style number plate can make a really good investment.

We pride ourselves in trying to achieve a very well run business. To this end we decided that we would try to achieve an award that is recognised by industry throughout Europe. We prepared to try and gain the quality award BSI 9001 2000. National Numbers managed to do this at its first attempt. The Chairman, Eric Craggs, had previously worked as a manager at ICI for 30 years and had been involved in trying to get businesses within ICI to get this award. We have had the award for six years. For the last two years, BSI have required us to conduct a formal customer survey - we are the only company within the DVLA number plate business to do so.

Please look at our Testimonials to see what they think. You may think that a lot of web sites just make up their feedback, a lot do, but we are actually audited by a British Standard Quality Expert to verify that our customer comments are genuine.

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