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Do I have a DVLA reg?

If you are reading this as a keeper of a vehicle registered on the DVLA computer, then you are the proud possessor of a DVLA Reg. The mark will reflect the year of manufacture of the vehicle as well as the town or city of first registration.

Every motor vehicle which travels on the road and is kept at an address in England, Scotland or Wales is registered on the Swansea computer with a DVLA reg. This DVLA reg is allocated at the time of first registration by the DVLA local offices and a V5/C (registration certificate) issued. This DVLA reg is now regarded as a "home-based" mark.

What is a home-based DVLA reg?

If the vehicle subsequently becomes registered with a private or personal DVLA reg, the original plate "sits" on the DVLA computer as part of the record of the vehicle (see DVLA information).

If / when the private DVLA reg is transferred via cherished transfer regulations to another vehicle or onto a retention certificate, then the home-based registration is re-allocated, this time on a non-transferable basis.

I would like a personal DVLA reg - What do I do?

Well, you can use our special number plates clever search to look for inspiration. Enter absolutely anything in the search box: name, initials, words, numbers. We have tried to put all our expertise gathered over the last 25 years plus at your disposal. We have thousands of satisfied customers, have a glance at our testimonials.

If you are the sort of person who doesn't like just to accept what is given to you, then a private, personalised DVLA reg is for you. Use our search box or give us a call - go on, make your car special with a special DVLA reg.

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