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Barcoded Tax Discs

Home » Number Plate News » Barcoded Tax Discs Anybody relicensing their vehicle from September onwards will notice that the tax disc now displays a number of new features, including a rather fetching barcode. The barcode is a vital addition to the process of ensuring that DVLA vehicle records are updated quickly and accurately.
The V11 Renewal Reminder Form has been barcoded since December 2001.
Staff at Post Office branches have been scanning these barcodes, with details of vehicles being relicensed transmitted overnight to DVLA. From November 2003, the tax disc barcode will also be scanned, so that each disc issued can be directly linked to the vehicle registration mark on the database.
As a result, the Agency will not have to wait for the 30 million application forms a year to arrive by post for staff to input, a process that can take weeks. Records can now be updated within days, allowing enforcement on non-payers of VED to start much sooner. It will also reduce the number of people chased unnecessarily because they renewed their licence late. Plans are already in train to extend the system to cover the 9 million applications made on the manual relicensing form (V10) available from Post Offices. Once everything is in place, there will be considerable efficiency savings – all from the addition of a simple barcode!

Article by Gari Jones, taken from DVL Today - Issue 25 - Reproduced under Crown Copyright

Thu, 15 Jan 2004