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Private reg; buy private registration plates



What is a private reg?

If you look up "private" in the dictionary, you find definitions like "confidential", "secret" - not much help there since, usually, the last thing an owner of a private reg wants is to keep it a secret.

Further investigation turns up terms like "private school", "private hospital" etc. This is more helpful since it indicates the idea of choosing a service (in this case, a private reg) over and above that available from the government in the ordinary way.

A private reg is issued by the DVLA but it is not among the "ordinary" marks issued by the various licensing areas. The owner of such a private reg has paid extra to exercise choice, whether it be for particular initials, a name, a make of car, a funny plate, a reg connected with a sport or a business etc. etc.

Where do I start to find a private reg?

We suggest you use our number plates clever search to help you find your private reg. You can literally type in anything:- initials, birthdays, names, words, pets, sport. Because of our vast database built up over more than 25 years, you will achieve a wide choice of results for your private reg.

Obviously, you will have a budget to work to but we offer 0% finance on most private reg.

To follow are a few hints to bear in mind when searching for your private reg. Remember, you can't mis-space even a private reg illegally nor can you use a private reg to make a vehicle appear newer than it actually is. In other words, you can't put a "Y" prefix reg onto a "W" reg vehicle.

Tips to help in making your private reg

Letter Possible Numbers
A 4, 8, 9, 17, 19
B 3, 8, 13
C 6
D 10
E 6, 3
G 6, 9
H 11
I 1, 11
J 7
K 17
L 1, 7
M 111
N 11, 17
O 10
P 9
R 2, 12
S 5
T 7
U 11
V 11
W 111
Y 7
Z 2

You can read more about the world of private reg, at private plates or car number plates. However, if you are ready to start your search, try our number plates clever search. Remember, you can also give our friendly, experienced staff a call. It's also worth mentioning that our two admin managers have been with us for more than 20 years. You really can buy your private reg from us with confidence.

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By Eric Craggs - Google+