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Private registrations and registration number plates



What are private registrations?

The term Private Registrations has been coined by many people to replace the original "cherished number plates" or "cherished registrations". Initially, the idea of "cherished" was to indicate that a particular registration mark was of sentimental value to the vehicle owner - for example, the mark may have been in the family for a long time or been on the very first car purchased. The regulations (still to this day called cherished transfer regulations, by the way) allowed for the transfer of such a private registration from one vehicle to another. Nowadays, with the vast array of private registration numbers to choose from, the idea of "cherished" is perhaps not so relevant. Yes, private numberplates can be cherished items but equally can be regarded as another kind of car accessory or a stepping stone on the way to acquiring a very rare dateless registration mark - in the same way as a first-time home buyer might purchase a 2-bedroom apartment hoping eventually to purchase a detached, four-bedroomed house in its own grounds.

Other Terms Used for private registrations

In the cherished number plate industry, we tend to use the terms "plates" and "registration marks or numbers" to mean the same thing. This can be confusing, since strictly speaking, number plates mean pieces of plastic (usually oblong) which are fitted to the front and rear of your vehicle but often dealers will refer to private plates meaning private registrations.

When you buy from a numberplate dealer, what you are actually purchasing is the handling of a service, conducted through DVLA; to change the record for your vehicle on the Swansea computer, thus allowing you to legally display the personalised plates on your vehicle. Most dealers offer a set of acrylic plates as a separate service but their core business is the changing of your vehicle documents and record to show the new private registration.

SO, the following terms can be found in the industry: private number plates, private registrations, cherished number plates, personalised number plates, cherished numberplates, personalised number plates, cherished registrations, cherished or private marks, car registration etc etc.

At National Numbers we have been leading clients through the maze of acquiring a private registration for more than 25 years. We believe it should be a fun experience for you and, therefore, we have put in place a "joined-up" computer system allowing anyone in the office to let you know the exact stage of your transfer at any one time. We have gone even further than this and go to the trouble (and expense - about £1000/per year) of becoming registered to the British Standards Institute's Quality Management System award. This external, globally respected body audit us every year to make sure we not only maintain present high standards but continually improve. We are the only dealer both in the CNDA and registered to BSI ISO 9001:2000.

If you are ready to purchase or want more ideas and information, you can be confident in our tried and tested company service in providing private registrations.

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