Free Online Valuation & Listing


We can provide a free number plate valuation within 30 seconds.

This is an estimate, and you're free to adjust this (up or down) in your account dashboard.

We'll then begin marketing your registration to potential buyers, so please remove your valuation record if you're not looking to sell.

This free valuation service is only available to the owner of the registration mark

It shall be considered fraudulent misrepresentation to request a valuation for a registration mark for which you are not the owner. We reserve the right to take legal action and seek remedy of damages in a tort action for inferring ownership when you do not.

You may be asked for proof of ownership - i.e. details from the V5C log book in your name, or information from a valid retention certificate (V750 or V778).

We'd also like to contact you very occasionally about new releases, offers and number plates that may be of interest to you. You can remove your permission at any time.