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Number Plate Testimonials

Buyers - 2005

You might be wary of our number plate testimonials – after all, they could be made-up, couldn't they? However, we would like to emphasise that, to retain our Quality Award, we have to show evidence of continuous improvement. So, when our external auditor from the British Standard Institute visits, he actually looks at the results of our number plate testimonials.

In April 2005, we sent the following email: "Thank you for purchasing a registration mark online from National Numbers. What helped you to feel secure? Also, any comments on our web site design, our service, etc, would help us to improve". Please read on, for our customer comments.

It is an efficient service and I am very pleased with my order. This is the second plate we have bought from you with no problems.

Michael :: 15th November 2005

The whole transaction went through very smoothly and from memory the website was simple, easy to understand and very user friendly which is why I purchased T10 DUB from you.

David :: 16th September 2005

Easy process and found your website easy to use. Very painless.

Christopher :: 24th August 2005

I found the service you offered to be fast, efficient and very user friendly! I encountered no problems what so ever.

Victoria :: 1st June 2005

Very happy with my purchase and the way it was dealt with.

Y555 DAS
Dawn and Pete :: 16th May 2005

Was very pleased with the service I received - the number plate was a gift for my husband, so I was a bit concerned he would guess when the paperwork came in but glad to say no obvious marking on the envelope so he was non the wiser!! I always check that websites are secure before entering my credit card details, and the usual padlock to show it's a secure site is good enough for me. Had no problems at all and therefore have no suggestions for improvement.

Vivien :: 19th April 2005

We were really pleased with the service offered, there were no problems, you did exactly what you said you would do, which was basically everything!!!

Malcolm and Joanne :: 31st March 2005

I purchase from your site due to its professional look, easy search facility and ability to try different numbers, competitive pricing and fast navigation/responsiveness (some of your competitors have very slow loading sites).

Lynn :: 12th March 2005

Everything on the website was professional, and easily accessible. When I needed info about registering the guy I spoke to was polite and helpful. I bought the plate for my wife, and she was absolutely chuffed, as was I. Thanks for everything.

Bridget and Martin :: 22nd February 2005

I thought your service was excellent; I made an online enquiry about A5 SXY and received a very prompt call the next morning about it. It was actually advertised on your website for £250, but when the man from your office called me back about it, he said the owner was looking for £2500. This was too expensive for me so I opted for the alternative, which is my registration. I received my documentation very quickly and thought your service was very good.

Andrea :: 6th February 2005

Pricing was competitive, but the reason we will use you again is the fantastic service provided by admin. Even today long after the sale and monies paid, your staff still assisted with delays with DVLA. Would gladly pass on your details to anyone and recommend your company.

OUI 1285
Mrs T Fry-Smith :: 20th January 2005

I can tell you that the service I received from you was pretty much perfect. I understood what I was doing and what I was asked to do. The process has almost gone through (without any hitches...touch wood). The plate was for a birthday present for my boyfriend "Chezo" and it has been a great success for which I would like to thank you for. Once again thank you, and all the best. Should I wish to maybe acquire a personal reg plate for myself, then I will be in touch.

Veronica Conlon :: 11th January 2005

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