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Purchasing on a Certificate of Entitlement

Registration marks which are available to be purchased on Certificates of Entitlement provide the most popular method of giving a personalised registration as a gift since it allows the surprise to be kept a secret until after the event.

The certificate can be ordered specifically to the requirements of the buyer and can be delivered within four to five days.

Entitlement certificates are also ideal if you spot the perfect private number plate for you but have not got a suitable age vehicle.

For example, the '11' series of registrations were very popular since many of them suggest a special name. However they're only suitable for vehicles registered on or after March 2011.

The certificate can be assigned to a suitable vehicle registered in the name of the "purchaser" or the "nominee". Only the purchaser has the legal right to the mark while it remains on certificate.

The difference between pink certificates of entitlement (V750) and green retention certificates (V778) is that marks on V750's have never been on a vehicle before.

Last updated: Wednesday 12th March 2014 at 3:35pm

By Eric Craggs - Google+