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What are private plates?

Private Plates is a term, which has perhaps replaced the original "cherished registration or cherished plate". Some people also refer to personalised or personal plates. Whatever you call them, there is an enormous range of private plates to suit all tastes and pockets. Just referring to National Numbers own stock which includes private plates such as 86 AS (£8,995); BA51 RRY (£2,499); XVS 1 (£9,999); V10 LTS (£1,299); S111 AFT (£999); ACZ 60 (£1,299); DEZ 55 (£4,999); 333 XFY (£999); DAZ 4750 (£599); RXP 765 (£599); EJZ 1785 (£199); NUI 5249 (£115) etc. etc.

Just from looking at the above examples of private plates, you get some idea of the different types of marks available. You can find more information about all aspects of private plates at Personalised Number Plates, DVLA Information or Cherished Numbers.

Again, looking at the examples, the reasons for choosing certain private plates can be identified. Some people look for their name eg. BA51 RRY, DEZ 55 or DAZ 4750. A driver with a smart but ageing BMW or Mercedes might choose private plates RXP 765 or 333 XFY or even NUI 5249 as a cheap way to cover up the year letter. Alan Smith or Alexandra Simpson might go for 86 AS for investment as well as for their initials. An entrepeneur looking for private plates to advertise his electrical business migth choose V10 LTS while, goodness knows who would display S111 AFT on private plates - but it takes all sorts!

Why do people buy private plates?

Well, obviously, for the reasons given above but also, it gives an element of choice. Think of private schools, private health-care etc. "Going private" just adds that extra bit of distinction to your vehicle. Also, as already mentioned, some private plates will hold their own even when share prices slump. You only have to research the prices of some private plates sold through DVLA auctions over the years to confirm that.

OK, how do I find a private plate?

Use our number plates - clever search facility. Just decide what range of private of private plates you would like to view, type a name, initials, word or even a number into the box, hit the search button and see what results appear. There may be an option to "BUY" in which case you can go ahead and buy your private plates (including acrylic plates) on-line or you may prefer to hit the "ENQUIRE" button. Our experienced sales staff then contact you to help you find exactly the right private plates for you.

Is buying private plates complicated?

We, at National Numbers have been transferring private plates for more than 25 years so we make sure your purchase is handled as smoothly as possible.

Whether the private plates are on another vehicle or on a certificate, we can handle the whole process for you via DVLA including the issue of a new registration document, MOT if applicable and a new tax disc for the new private plate.

So, go ahead, use our extensive database and user-friendly web-site to find your own private plates or, if you prefer, ring our friendly sales team to discuss.

Isn't it about time you joined the world of private plates?

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By Eric Craggs - Google+