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The '73' series of number plates are available now.

We currently have 1,708,414 of these registrations available to choose from.
Simply select two letters, the number 73, then three further letters to make up your ideal new style reg from the 73 series. You can use our search box, or browse some of our suggestions below.

73 sequence registrations are suitable for assignment to vehicles first registered on, or after, September 2023.

Just a small selection of some of the fantastic 73 registrations available through National Numbers

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DVLA private number plates with National Numbers.

National Numbers are a recognised reseller of DVLA number plates, with over 40 years' experience as a number plate supplier. With close ties to the DVLA and an enormous selection of the very best new private number plates, we have a registration plate for every budget available online today.

Private number plates with National Numbers; the process.

The registration plate checkout process couldn't be simpler with National Numbers, and we make sure that we adhere to all British standards and DVLA (Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency) regulations with every transaction. We're also registered with the Financial Conduct Authority, and our team of experts provides excellent service for every customer, whether it's for a private registration valuation or registration number plate sale.

We make the personalised number plates purchase process as simple as we can, with a straightforward checkout and secure payments from debit cards and credit cards. From the latest 74 series car registrations to prefix vehicle registrations, suffix registration numbers, dateless DVLA personalised registrations, even Northern Irish (or Northern Ireland) private number plates, we have every private registration format available.

When you purchase a new registration from National Numbers, we even help with the retention and entitlement documents, transfer fees, and more, and we ensure the entire new number plate transfer process is as stress-free as possible. We also make sure all private registration plates adhere to British standards when it comes to spacing, age identifiers match the age of your vehicle if required, and that your reg plates are road legal and ready to go in the UK.

Buy personalised number plates today.

We have over 74 million car number plates available online, and can help you find the perfect plate today. As a registered number plate supplier and recognised reseller of DVLA registrations, we have personalised plates of all formats for all budgets, and can help you find the perfect registration mark for your vehicle.

Whether it's a 73 series private number plate or a specific registration number you've had your eye on for a while, maybe you' need personalised number plates for your business, whatever it is, we have every registration plate format available with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency and can help you find your perfect plate today.

Take a look at our enormous range of private number plates here.

National Numbers - Supplying private number plates since 1981

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