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FREE Valuation & Listing

Get your free instant valuation by completing this form, or call our valuation line on 0905 757 0011

Calls charged at £1 per minute plus network operator access charge. Average call time is one minute.

Service provided by National Numbers. Premium Rate Helpline: For complaints or queries about the premium rate 090 service, please call 01642 363738, available Mon-Fri 9am-5pm. This service is only available to the owner of the registration mark. You may be asked for proof of ownership.

All You Need to Know About Private Number Plates

Buying or selling a private reg may seem daunting, but we make the process quick and simple.

How Do I Buy a Personalised Number Plate?

Finding your very own cherished number plate couldn't be easier, thanks to our free license plate generator.

Simply search for your perfect plate and we will find you thousands of options bespoke to your request. You can even filter your search based on price and number plate format.

Or you can give us a call on 01642 363738 - our experienced and friendly sales staff will happily guide you through the private plate purchasing process.

How to Buy Personalised Plates as Gifts

If you'd like to buy a private registration as a gift, look no further! We can help you get the ideal private number plate gift, and even send out documents in plain envelopes or to different addresses if you need to avoid suspicion.

How Much Does A Private Number Plate Cost?

We offer various price options to suit all private registration buyer's budgets.

Our cheapest number plates start from as little as £138 (including all government fees). Our most expensive plates, particularly dateless registrations which can date back over 100 years, can fetch thousands of pounds.

Private Plate Finance

We offer a range of 0% finance plans so you can spread the cost of your private registration. And if that fails, there are other ways to help ensure you get your perfect private reg. Just get in touch and ask the question.

Secure Purchasing

We're open seven days a week and offer a safe, secure checkout service for DVLA number plates. We take a range of payments from bank transfer to debit or credit card, both online and over the phone.

Can I Put Any Registration on My Vehicle?

Not quite. Most plates carry an age identifier (year the car was registered), and while you can make a car look as old as you like with a registration plate, you cannot make it look newer.

Checking the age of the vehicle is therefore vital before buying a private number plate, as this ensures you pick a plate suitable for your vehicle.

Use our free tool to identify the age of your vehicle, and suitable/unsuitable DVLA number plates.

How Do I Sell A Number Plate?

We offer a free number plate valuation service, where we can value your private reg in less than 30 seconds.

We give you a guide price which you can adjust as you wish. We then market your number plate to potential buyers and get the ball rolling.

Oh, and please note that you must be the owner of the registration plate to get a valuation.

Why Use National Numbers?

We've been trading since 1981, and in that time our fantastic sales staff have handled thousands of private registration sales and transfers, so we are in the best position to handle your private number plate transaction.

We have over 58 million private number plates for sale - including non-issued Government stock, reg plates from private sellers, and our own large range of number plates - our state of the art, advanced number plate search lets you find the private number plate quickly and smoothly.

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We are extremely proud to be supporting CLAPA - a fantastic charity working to support, connect and empower everyone affected by cleft in the United Kingdom;
The Trussell Trust who are behind a nationwide network of food banks, and also Food4Heroes - who supply frontline NHS workers with healthy, nutritious meals from local caterers.

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