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Private number plates from one of the country's leading number plate suppliers. Helping you buy the ideal registration number, with every style of UK registration number available. Find your perfect new number plate in seconds by searching over 69 million plates for your name or initials. Finance options available for almost every registration mark. Display your initials, name, business, hobbies, or vehicle model on your very own registration number. Even diversify your investment portfolio with a collection of registration number plates.

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Get your free instant valuation by completing this form, or call our valuation line on 0905 757 0011

Calls charged at £1 per minute plus network operator access charge. Average call time is one minute.

Service provided by National Numbers. Premium Rate Helpline: For complaints or queries about the premium rate 090 service, please call 01642 363738, available Mon-Fri 9am-5pm. This service is only available to the owner of the registration mark. You may be asked for proof of ownership.


Buy DVLA Personalised Registration Plates

With registration plate options for every budget, we help customers purchase their ideal registration number for any vehicle on UK roads. Great for a gift or for your own car or van, even as an investment, we have over 43 years experience when it comes to selling car registration plates, and can help you buy car number plates today with a quick and simple process.

Sell your number plate

Sell Your Number Plate

As well as buying personalised reg, we can also help you sell your private registration number with a super-simple process. Advertising your registration plate to thousands of potential buyers, we help you with all aspects of the sale of your registration number. Visit this link for more information about selling personalised number plates, and receive an instant valuation on your registration number sent to your email address.

Cherished number plates

Cherished Number Plates

We have a vast range of cherished personalised reg available to buy online today. With fantastic registration number options to help distinguish your vehicle on UK roads, our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff can help you purchase the perfect registration plate for the perfect vehicle.

Northern Irish number plates

Northern Irish Number Plates

Northern Irish plates offer you the chance to hide the age of your vehicle in a cost-effective fashion. With a huge range of car registration numbers available, you can browse our dedicated Northern Irish registration page for more information on buying your own.

Buying And Selling Private Registration Plates

Buying or selling a private registration may seem daunting, but we make the transfer process quick and simple.

How do I buy a personalised number plate?

Finding your very own private number plate couldn't be easier, and you can do it all online, or call our experienced and friendly staff on 01642 363738.

Search for your perfect plate

Simply search for your perfect plate and we will find you thousands of options bespoke to your request. You can even filter your search based on price, suitability for your vehicle and reg format.

Choose your payment plan

Do you want to purchase the registration outright or take advantage of one of our finance options that we can offer with many of our private number plates?

Customise your plate

Select an acrylic plate to match your new registration. Your choice of font, border and flag - all 100% road legal and made to the highest quality standard (BA AU 145e).

Secure checkout

Use any major credit or debit card with our secure payment gateway to complete the simple checkout process.

Assign the plate to your vehicle

Depending on the registration you've purchased and the vehicle involved, assigning the private plate to your vehicle can usually be done online in a few minutes - there's nothing else to pay. Attach the acrylic plates and you're ready to go!

How do I sell a private number plate?

If you already own a private registration plate and are looking to sell it, we can help with that. We can give your registration exposure to a huge number of potential buyers and, even better, we don't charge to promote it for sale.

Get a FREE valuation

Firstly request a free valuation online, supplying us some basic information about your number plate and we'll provide you with a value we think we'd sensibly be able to achieve from a sale.

Modify price as required

If you're not happy with that figure - perhaps you already have a price in mind - no problem, you can adjust our valuation (up or down) to your liking.

Begin promotion

We'll begin promoting your private registration for sale on our website and through a number of other channels. You're now free to manage your asking price and the availability of your registration online - and that's all we ask of you, to keep us in the loop if anything changes. Sold the plate elsewhere? Changed your mind about selling? No takers at your current asking price, and willing to adjust it somewhat? Keep us posted!

Complete the sale

Once we've found a buyer we'll be in touch. Having National Numbers as a middleman keeps both parties safe - your registration won't be transferred to the buyer until monies are received, and the buyers payment remains secure until we can confirm the registration is transferable.

Questions? We Have Answers!

One of the more popular FAQs we get asked is about the cost of a new private number plate. Often thought of as the sole preserve of the wealthy; private number plates actually cover a vast range of prices for different plate styles - starting from as little as £196 (including all government fees), moving upwards to some extraordinary figures. We have plates to suit all buyers budgets.
Private number plates exist in one of two states - on a vehicle, or on a certificate. We have guides you can follow if you want to move a registration from a vehicle to a certificate (a process known as "retention"), if you're looking to move a registration from a certificate onto a vehicle (the action termed "assignment"), or if you're looking for details on how to move a private number plate from one vehicle to another.
When you purchase a private number plate from National Numbers, the DVLA transfer fee is included in the price. This means you can register the number plate to a suitable vehicle at your convenience at no further cost. This can usually be done online, or we can assign it on your behalf.
You can use our online, FREE, no obligation number plate valuation system and we'll tell you instantly how much we think your number plate is worth.
If you no longer want to display your private number on a vehicle, you can apply to take it off. This process will put the registration on a V778 document, proving you have retained the right to the registration and are able to use it again later.

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Number Plate Formats

Since The Motor Act of 1903, number plates have been compulsory on vehicles driven on UK roads. However, to accommodate the sheer volume of traffic on UK roads over the past century or so, not all number plates follow the same format. From dateless number plates to suffix registrations, prefix plates and modern day, "millennium" style plates, you can view all the different formats of number plates in the UK below.

Dateless Plates


Active on vehicles from 1903 - 1962 and now often referred to as cherished registrations, dateless number plates featured letters to distinguish from which region it was released, followed by a unique number for vehicle identification purposes.

Suffix Number Plates

REG 123A

Active on vehicles from 1963 - 1982, suffix reg start with the area code as letters. This is followed by up to three random numbers to identify the vehicle, followed finally by an age identifying letter.

Prefix Registrations

A123 REG

For vehicles between 1983 and 2001, prefix number plates start with a single letter age identifier, which is followed by up to three random numbers. Finally, the area code is three letters long, and are the last characters on the reg.

Millennium Number Plates


Running from 2001 to the present day, these new reg plates start with a two letter area code, followed by two numbers that act as an age identifier. Three random letters come next, separated with a space.

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