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As a dealer for more than 36 years, we think it is important to provide a user-friendly number plate search. With such a vast range of registrations available, we have designed the number plates search box to enable you to type in literally anything - a word, name, initials, numbers, etc. Use our Number Plates Search to find:

  • Initials and names
  • Words, birthdate, lucky numbers
  • Absolutely anything!

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Popular Search Categories

Initial Number Plates
Find a number plate to match the initials in your name.

99 Most Popular Names
99 of the most popular male and female first names, and the most popular surnames in use in the UK.

A-Z Single Letters
Single letter registrations come with 1, 2, 3 or 4 numbers.

Vehicle Makes and Models
Enhance your vehicle by adding the most unique of accessories!

Football Registrations
Football registrations for all divisions.

Sports Registrations
Suggestions for matches to sporting themes. Great registrations for sports fanatics!

Speed Demon
Got a fast motor? Show off the power beneath your bonnet with a customised registration!

Patriotic Plates
Registration plates with a patriotic theme.

Jobs and Hobbies
Suggestions to match your job or favourite hobbies.

Computing and Internet
Connected to the IT industry? We've plenty of TLA's to suit!

Animals and Pets
Are you an animal lover? Then how about a reg showing appreciation of your furry friend?!

K155 Number Plates and M155 Number Plates

Whatever your price range, we will have something for you, since our number plates search includes cheap number plates as well as rare dateless marks.

Our number plates search facility includes number plates from our own stock, private commissions as well as previously unissued government stock in the make your own plates range.

We at National Numbers feel strongly that you should be able to enjoy using our number plates search to find your ideal choice while we use our vast experience to make sure the actual transfer happens as smoothly as possible.

So, go ahead, please use our number plates search box as we are very proud of it. Obviously, we have an experienced sales team manning the phones as well so give us a call if you would like to discuss any of the number plates search results.

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