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Number Plates for Jobs and Hobbies

When people think of personalised number plates they might think about registrations that look like names. You would be forgiven if you think this is tacky though, a lot of people agree. That is why lots of people opt to kit out their car with a number plate that represents their jobs and hobbies instead.

To personalise a number plate you have to make it special and relevant to you. What better way than to display what you love doing? Many businesses even use number plates as part of their marketing strategy to catch the eyes of potential customers.

Such celebrities like the late Paul Daniels (MAG 1C), Amir Khan (BOX 111G) and Nicky Clarke (H41 RDO) have all done this in the past, so why not join them?

A selection of number plates reading as jobs and hobbies can be found on this page, but if you don't see anything for you simply type what you are looking for in the smart search box at the top of the page to be connected to more number plates.

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