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When you hear U2, the first thing that might pop into your head is an unwanted album added to your iTunes library in 2014.

By James Russell

The Government has explored the possibility of registration plates for cyclists, but is this a good idea and how would it work?

By James Russell

Number plate laws range from the understandable to the ridiculous and today, we will be exploring them all.

By James Russell

The 74 number plate release is just around the corner. Have you registered your interest yet?

By James Russell

Our parent company, Jepson & Co, is celebrating a huge milestone this year as they hit their 130th anniversary.

By James Russell

Private plates can be used for various reasons.

By James Russell

UK number plates often have fascinating histories and owners, and the tale of V 33 is pretty extraordinary.

By James Russell

Welcome to a very special, Indian-Telugu-themed number plate blog.

By James Russell

What better way to greet the New Year than with a new number plate?

By James Russell

Happy New Year everybody, we hope you had a great time with family and friends and that you are back into the swing of things for January.

By James Russell

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