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We can provide a free number plate valuation within 30 seconds.

This is an estimate, and you're free to adjust this (up or down) in your account dashboard.

We'll then begin marketing your registration to potential buyers, so please remove your valuation record if you're not looking to sell.

For a telephone valuation
please call our quotes line on
0905 757 0011
Calls charged at £1 per minute plus network operator access charge. Average call time is one minute.
Service provided by National Numbers. Premium Rate Helpline: For complaints or queries about the premium rate 090 service, please call 01642 363738, available Mon-Fri 9am-5pm. This service is only available to the owner of the registration mark. You may be asked for proof of ownership.

This free valuation service is only available to the owner of the registration mark

It shall be considered fraudulent misrepresentation to request a valuation for a registration mark for which you are not the owner. National Numbers reserves the right to take legal action and seek remedy of damages in a tort action for inferring ownership when you do not.

You may be asked for proof of ownership - i.e. details from the V5C log book in your name, or information from a valid retention certificate (V750 or V778).

Your registration, email address, and any other information you supply will be recorded along with your IP address, browser, OS and other available identifying information as part of your request.
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We'd also like to contact you very occasionally about new releases, offers and number plates that may be of interest to you. You can remove your permission at any time. Read more information about our privacy policy

How will National Numbers value my number plate?

A number plate valuation is dependent on several factors:

  • The supply of similar registrations.
  • Anticipated DVLA releases. The DVLA regularly release new sequences of plates and National Numbers analyse the effects of these releases on the current and future price of similar plates.
  • The type of plate: Dateless, Suffix, Prefix or New Style.
  • The look of the plate:
    • Some numbers have more appeal than others. 1 is usually the most prized.
    • Numbers are often significant when they relate to high end car models such as Ferrari, Aston Martin, Bugatti etc.
    • Many numbers have cultural, religious or spiritual value such as 786.
    • Numbers can look like letters e.g. 5 is like an S and 1 is like an I or L so the entirity of a plate can read like a word.
    • Letters are probably the most important aspect of a plate. Many plates are sold because they match initials or short names and some sets of initials and names are more common than others.
  • The current zeitgeist; for example, plates with the word BOSS (BO55) have been very popular over the last few years and we're seeing a rise in sales for plates showing dog breeds such PUG or LAB.
  • Plate provenance: A value is now attached to registrations because of their history. Owners of classic, veteran, vintage or post vintage cars often seek plates that reflect the age of the car. In addition, plates have geographic indicators and owners sometimes want their registration to reflect a particular area of the country. As the history of registrations grows richer and more interesting we have found the plates owned by famous people or that have been on iconic vehicles fetch good prices.
  • Some of the releases of the new style millennium number plates can be very attractive; notably the release of 11 and 15 series plates as these produced some great matches to names and words. Other series, not so much!

What happens when I get a number plate valuation from National Numbers?

National Numbers offers a two-tier service. Our online automated service uses our data sets to make a private plate valuation. Registration owners can choose to call our premium rate valuation service on 0905 757 0011 where they will speak to a technical expert who will take the time to assess the value of particular plate.

Our valuations tend to be a realistic price that would attain a sale, however you're entirely free to specify your own asking price if you list it for sale with us. Although we're happy for our sellers to state their own price, we do check where the prices are inflated to levels where we feel that a sale would never be achieved.

Do I need to own a number plate to get a valuation from National Numbers?

Yes, you do need to own the number plate or be the authorised third party. We will ask for and retain information that proves ownership This is particularly important if you want us to sell your number plate.

Do I have to agree to a sale if I have my plate valued?

No, if you just want a number plate valuation you do not have to sell your plate through National Numbers. However, if you use our free online service you will agree that National Numbers can retain your contact information so we can answer questions about if certain registrations have been issued or not. As per GDPR guidelines, you can request to have all your details erased from our systems at any time.

Do I have to pay to have my registration advertised by National Numbers?

No, we will promote your personalised number plate for free, but if you are thinking "I want to sell my number plate fast!" then we do offer a premium placement which you can purchase to have your plate positioned more dominantly in our search listings.

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