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DVLA Guide from National Numbers


We have compiled this compact guide to DVLA Swansea that we think will be relevant to those interested in personalised number plates.

The DVLA (formerly known as DVLC) are a goverment body who oversee everything to do with vehicles and the roads in the UK, including number plates. To that end, the first section covers DVLA personalised registrations and DVLA auctions.

The second section describes the services of the DVLA - contact numbers, forms and online services.

The third section covers DVLA and vehicles - i.e. car tax; vehicle registration certificates; buying and selling vehicles, Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN), MOTs, how to keep a vehicle; and important checks to make before purchasing a vehicle, using a vehicle enquiry.

The fourth section covers the DVLA and Drivers - your driving licence, vehicles you can drive on your licence, penalty point information and medical information.

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