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Foreign Number Plates in the UK


Foreign number plate identification is fairly easy and how to check a foreign number plate is fairly straight forward.

They do not follow any of the standard UK number plate formats; suffix, prefix, dateless, Northern Irish or millennium. They may also have different character font, spacing and colours, with different flags on the side.

The general rule for foreign number plates in the UK, is that a driver with foreign plates is allowed to drive in the UK for 6 months in any one given year. After this 6 months is up, the vehicle with foreign number plates must be registered with the DVLA, and fitted with UK number plates as opposed to foreign number plates.

If you are moving from a foreign country and registering as a resident of the UK, your vehicle must be registered within 2 weeks of moving, and your foreign registration plate will be changed for a UK number plate by the DVLA.

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