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Many motoring forms are available from DVLA. Find and download the form that you need and get help with completing it.

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Personalised registration forms V317 and V62

Where can I get the DVLA forms for transferring and retaining a registration or to apply for a vehicle registration certificate? Many of the processes for private number plates can be carried out...

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DVLA vehicle tax

How do I Tax my vehicle? Most vehicle owners will receive a reminder (V11) through the post to remind them to tax their vehicle. You can then tax your vehicle online, by phone or at a post office that deals...

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MOT related DVLA forms including MOT exemption form

These forms relate to those wishing to apply for exemption from the MOT test that is required of vehicles in the UK when they are three years old and then yearly from their three year...

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Driver licensing forms, driving licence applications

You can download many of the application packs and forms relating to driving licences and updating licence information (including information about medical conditions) from the DVLA website....

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Vehicle registration DVLA forms such as the V62

Where can I get DVLA forms concerning vehicle registration, including applying for a V5C vehicle registration certificate? Apply for a Vehicle Registration Certificate Download form V62 -...

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Relevant forms for import or export of a vehicle

Where can I get the forms requied to import a vehicle in to the UK or export a vehicle outside of the UK? Application for Registration of an Imported Vehicle Import Pack - apply to register an imported...

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Forms to use to request information from DVLA

How do I request information about a vehicle or its registered keeper? You may require DVLA to release information about a vehicle or its registered keeper. To do this you will need to have a...

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Driver and Vehicle Agency Forms Northern Ireland

The Driver & Vehicle Agency (DVA) Northern Ireland is responsible for licensing and testing vehicles and drivers in Northern Ireland. Please note that vehicle tax and registration for...

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