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DVLA Registrations


DVLA registrations have long been a great way to personalise your vehicle - find out everything you needed to know about DVLA registrations, from the numerous ways to buy and sell number plates including buying at a DVLA auction, to retention certificates and certificates of entitlement. Also learn more about having acrylic number plates made for your vehicle.

How to buy or sell a personalised number plate

The following articles contain information on all aspects of buying and selling DVLA private number plates including how to search for your ideal registration, how to buy from a number plate dealer as...

4 articles in this section:
Buying number plates with our DVLA Auction Service

Five times a year, DVLA hold what are termed "Classic Auctions".  The auctions are held at various venues throughout the country and are spread over 3 days. They typically feature...

Retention certificate info, retain a registration

Registrations can be "stored" on a certificate, allowing the vehicle keeper to sell on the vehicle. The articles below explain the retention regulations.

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Number plate certificate of entitlement information

Selected personalised number plates are available on DVLA certificates (a V750 document). The range includes certain registration marks held back by the DVLA when various year letter identifier...

2 articles in this section:
How to Transfer a Private Registration

This article explains the process of transferring registration plates from car to car, along with the DVLA regulations currently in place for transferring number plates. The process is very easy to...

Acrylic number plate information and considerations

This section explains the legal regulations governing the manufacture and display of your registration mark. Also outlined is how and where to have your acrylic plates made.

3 articles in this section:
Vehicle Registration Years

You can use the charts below to quickly identify the original year of issue for the three main registration formats. Please remember when choosing a registration that you can only assign it to a...

Number Plate Terminology Explained

Cherished, Prefix, Q Plate, VIN, Reverse Dateless... all these number plate terms and more are explained in this glossary of terms.

Foreign Number Plates

Foreign number plate identification is fairly easy and how to check a foreign number plate is fairly straight forward. They do not follow any of the standard UK number plate formats; suffix, prefix,...

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