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Where can I have my number plates made?

Number plates are made by number plate suppliers who must be registered on the DVLA Register of Number Plate Suppliers (RNPS). You can find your nearest supplier on Replace My Plates. You must provide proof of vehicle ownership and your identity before the number plates will be made. This information is recorded by the supplier and audited by the DVLA to ensure that only legal plates are manufactured.

What documents do I need to buy number plates?

All forms of ID must be original versions not photocopies. You will need to provide one of the following to prove your name and address:

  • Driving licence (with or without a photo)
  • Utility bill e.g Electricity bill, Council Tax or Local Authority Rates bill (all issued within last six months)
  • Bank or Building Society statement (within the last six months)
  • UK Passport

The following can only be produced to prove your name:

  • National ID Card or passport (issued by a government other than the UK)
  • Debit/credit card issued by a Bank or Building society
  • Police warrant card
  • Armed forces identity card

Documents to Confirm Entitlement to the Registration

Vehicle Document Examples

You will need to show one of the following:

  • Vehicle Registration Certificate (V5C or V5C NI)
  • New keeper Supplement (green slip or V5C/2 or V5C/2 NI)
  • Entitlement Certificate (V750 or V750 NI)
  • Retention Document (V778)
  • Renewal Reminder for a tax or SORN (V11 OR V11NI)
  • Temporary Registration Certificate (V379 or V379 NI)
  • A V948 Authorisation Certificate with an official stamp from the DVLA or DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency))
  • An Electronic Number Plate Authorisation Certificate (eV948)
  • Authorisation letter from a fleet operator, lease or hire company quoting the document reference number from the V5C (log book)
  • If the fleet you belong to is in the "V5 on demand scheme" (also known as "V5C suppression") a PDF of the vehicle details from the "view vehicle record service" is sufficient.

Important Notes

Legitimate registered number plate suppliers will manufacture your plates with the correct font, spacing and colours. In addition many suppliers offer a range of extras for your number plate such as flags and borders. You should also check the size of plate for your vehicle. Some vehicles require particular shaped plates such as motorcycles, 4x4's and some Range Rovers and Jaguars.

WARNING There are "rogue" number plate suppliers advertising on the internet. These are unregistered suppliers who do not apply any of the identification or entitlement checks and so they provide a loophole for potential criminals to have illegal sets of number plates made.

if you use an unregistered supplier you may find that the plates do not conform to regulations (font, spacing, etc) and you may be stopped by the police and face a penalty.

Last updated: Tuesday 2nd July 2019

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