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DVLA Swansea

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) is a UK government organisation with the main role of facilitating road safety and general law enforcement. It does this through holding a database of drivers and vehicles and collecting car tax.

DVLA used to be known as DVLC (the "C" referring to Centre, before the Agency part was termed).

If you own or drive a vehicle, you'll very likely have dealt with DVLA, for instance when applying for a driving licence, paying your vehicle tax, or the various communications needed when dealing with private number plates.

Contact Numbers

All the contact numbers you'll need to contact DVLA, Swansea. Includes Driver Licensing and Vehicle Licensing contacts.

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DVLA Forms

Many motoring forms are available from DVLA. Find and download the form that you need and get help with completing it.

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Online Services

DVLA conveniently offer many of their most popular services online. This saves time, not to mention hunting down paperwork each time your renewals are due, especially with tax, as documents are checked...

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DVLA Application Turnaround Times

You've applied to DVLA for documents or certificates, and are waiting to hear from DVLA regarding your application. This guide will tell help you learn the status of your DVLA application and how long to...

DVLA Opening Hours

Use this page to find out opening hours for DVLA, including general lines and times you can contact or visit DVLA local offices. Driver and Vehicle General Lines Opening Hours 8.00am to 7.00pm...

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