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Personalised Registration Forms


Where can I get the DVLA forms for transferring and retaining a registration or to apply for a vehicle registration certificate?

Many of the processes for private number plates can be carried out online. The DVLA still allow the use of postal forms which are listed below.

V317 - Apply to Transfer (or Retain) a Vehicle Registration Number

You can apply to remove a private plate from your vehicle and hold it (put it on retention) until you want it to go back onto a vehicle by using a V317 (Apply to keep a vehicle registration number and put on another vehicle) form.

V62 - Apply for a Vehicle Registration Certificate (V5C)

If you have bought a vehicle but not yet received a V5C in your name, or your original V5C has been stolen, damaged or lost, you can apply for a vehicle registration certificate by using a V62 - Application form for a vehicle registration certificate V5C.

Last updated: Wednesday 1st August 2018

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