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Dateless Number Plates


You've likely heard of timeless fashions where the style can't be attributed to any particular year, well dateless number plates are similar. Because there is no year letter/number attached, it would be necessary to consult a reference book to find out when the mark was originally issued.

What are Dateless Number Plates?

Dateless Number Plates - Regional Identifier (1, 2 or 3 letters), Numbers (1, 2, 3 or 4 digits)

Dateless number plates, also known as cherished number plates, are a kind of UK number plate with no age identifier within the characters. This is unlike other registrations, and they can be assigned to any roadworthy vehicle in the UK.

Originally released anywhere from 1903 to 1962, dateless number plates are incredibly popular and also, more expensive than any other format of private registration.

In terms of layout, they begin with one to three letters followed by a space, and then one, two, three, or four numbers. Or the reverse of this pattern with the numbers leading.

You can see how dateless number plates physically look in the image above, and you can find out more about UK number plate formats here.

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Popular FAQs on dateless plates

Dateless number plates are generally more expensive than other kinds of private registration, but there's no definitive answer to this question.
Yes, in the UK, you can assign a dateless license plate to any road-legal vehicle. Unlike most other registrations, dateless number plates don't have age identifying characters, so it doesn't matter how old your vehicle is.
The first dateless number plates were introduced in 1903, with the last registrations released in 1962. If you buy a 'true' dateless number plate in the UK, it will have been released between these two dates.
You can buy a dateless number plate online with National Numbers. You can also call our sales team on 01642 363738 and buy one over the phone.
You can sell a dateless number plate online with National Numbers. We'll provide you with an instant valuation on your dateless number plate and then advertise it to thousands of potential buyers on our website. You can adjust your valuation, too, and your dateless reg will be advertised at the price set.

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We're also DVLA recognised - meeting the terms and conditions of the DVLA's ethical trading practices.
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