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Certificates of Entitlement

Selected, attractive personalised number plates are available on DVLA certificates (a V750 document).

The range includes certain registration marks held back on the DVLA computer when various year letter identifier number plates were released. For example, with reference to the A to H prefix marks, the numbers one to 20 were never issued back in the 1980's as there was no fair way of allocating them.

Also issued on V750's are the personal registration marks offered for sale through the DVLA auctions.

The following articles describe the regulations pertaining to entitlement certificates. DVLNI (in Northern Ireland) also issue Certificates of Entitlement through auctions.

2 articles in this section:

Purchasing on a Certificate of Entitlement

Registration marks which are available to be purchased on Certificates of Entitlement provide the most popular method of giving a personalised registration as a gift since it allows the surprise to be...

Update or Assign a Certificate of Entitlement

Are you ready to assign the registration you own on a certificate to a vehicle? If your vehicle is unregistered and you will be, or have purchased it from a dealer, then give the V750 to them. They will...

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