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Update or Assign a Certificate of Entitlement

Are you ready to assign the registration you own on a certificate to a vehicle? If your vehicle is unregistered and you will be, or have purchased it from a dealer, then give the V750 to them. They will usually handle everything for you.

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Ready to Assign?
To Update your Certificate of Entitlement

Ready to Assign?

This can be done online

You can also do this by post

V750 Document

The V750 document should be filled in and signed at section one. Note that "Vehicle Registration Number" refers to the present mark of the vehicle.

The "Validation Character" can be found on the inside cover of the registration certificate (V5C) in section four.

V5C Registration Certificate

The registration certificate V5C.

(You can change the name and address if you are the new keeper at the same time).

Your vehicle should have uptodate Insurance, tax and MOT if appropriate

What Happens Next?

Your new V5C will come direct from DVLA, Swansea.

To Update your Certificate of Entitlement

You, the purchaser, can apply to change your address by filling in section three and signing it at section six. Then post the certificate to DVLA Personalised Registrations, DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1DS.

Alternatively you can change your address online

You can add or change nominee details by filling in section two "nominee details". Use this facility if you want to assign the mark to a vehicle belonging to another keeper. You should copy the name from their V5C to avoid mistakes.

Note that DVLA will not change the purchaser's name.

If you are ready to assign to the nominated keeper's vehicle, you can add or change the nominee name at the same time as assigning. You, as purchaser, must sign at section six to authorise the new nominee name.

Decided Not to Use the Retained Registration?

You can apply for a refund of the assignment fee if you have not assigned the registration number to a vehicle within 10 yeras of the validity of the certificate.

Complete section four and sign at section six. Only the purchaser can apply to receive the refund. The purchase price of the mark will not be refunded and the right to the private plate will be lost.

Purchased from a Dealer?

The dealer's name may be at the top of the certificate and, therefore, DVLA will regard them as the "purchaser". The dealer will always sign the certificate to authorise any changes or extensions on your behalf. You will have to send the certificate to the dealer. Once you have assigned the mark to a vehicle, the dealer will no longer be involved. 

Last updated: Friday 19th January 2018

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