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How to Sell a Personalised Registration

How do I find out how much my number plate is worth?

Most people who want to sell a private registration approach a dealer first to get a quote. Some dealers have a nominated "quotes line", often at a premium rate.

National Numbers have a unique free instant number plate valuation facility on their website. This is a computerised quote based on statistics and more than thirty years experience of selling number plates.

As the free valuation states, the system cannot recognise some special words or names so, if the quote appears wrong, don't be annoyed - get in touch! National Numbers also provide a dedicated quotes line - 0905 757 0011 - for expert guidance on the value of your number plate (this is a premium line service).

If you do use the free instant valuation, you will be asked for your registration number and contact details. If the registration is currently on a vehicle, you will be asked for the dates that the tax and MOT expire. If the registration is currently on a certificate, you will be asked when the certificate expires. National Numbers will set up an account for you and send you an email stating the valuation and your options for selling the registration including the opportunity to change the valuation amount.

The quote you receive is usually the money to be returned to you on finding a buyer. The dealer will advertise your registration, adding on their commission.

If you decide to sell your registration, use the link in the email to agree to list the plate. You will then be asked for the serial number from the V5 Registration Certificate (logbook) that matches the vehicle. If you do not have this information to hand, you can leave it blank and return later, log into your account and type in the serial number. National Numbers will not promote the registration on the website until this information has been supplied. If you are able to supply the serial number and wish to proceed, your plate will be advertised on the site within 24 hours. If you are unable to find your plate on the site please contact us.

How much will it cost to sell my number plate through a dealer?

Many dealers will not charge you to sell your plate through their website unless you select a premium package which means that your registration will be promoted to a high position when buyers search the site. Once your registration is listed on the website, any prospective BUYER will pay, in addition to the amount you require and the dealer commission, the DVLA fee for processing the transfer.

What happens when a buyer is found for my number plate?

If a buyer is found, and a deal agreed, written confirmation of the procedure will be sent to you. The dealer will ask you for your V5C Registration Certificate (logbook) or, if the registration is on a certificate, your V778 (Retention Certificate) or V750 (Certificate of Entitlement) plus authorisation to administer the certificate.

The dealer should always be holding cleared funds from the buyer before proceeding with the transfer and should state clearly when you will receive the full payment for the registration.

The dealer will check and submit all relevant documents to DVLA. Remember that any reputable dealer should be prepared to explain the process fully.

National Numbers is a member of the RMI Cherished Numbers Dealers Association (CNDA) which was established in 1971 to represent reputable and responsible dealers in vehicle registration numbers and to protect the interests of their customers. CNDA members adhere to a strict code of conduct and in the unlikely event of a problem or dispute, the CNDA will be there to help if any issues cannot be resolved directly.

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Last updated: Thursday 18th January 2018

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