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How to Sell a Personalised Registration

Most people who want to sell a private registration approach a dealer first to get a quote. Some dealers have a nominated "quotes line", often at a premium rate.

National Numbers have a unique free instant number plate valuation facility on their website. This is a computerised quote based on statistics and more than thirty years experience of selling cherished registrations.

As the free valuation advises, the system cannot recognise some special words or names so, if the quote appears wrong, don't be annoyed, and get in touch! National Numbers also provide a dedicated quotes line - 09057 570011 - for expert guidance as to the value of your number plate (this is a premium line service).

If you do use the free instant valuation, you will be asked for your registration number and contact details, so have them to hand. You will be given the opportunity to retrieve your valuation, which National Numbers will send to you in an email. You can use this for a limited time to view or adjust the value of the registration up or down.

If you decide to sell your registration, you can email back your authorisation to proceed. If you only wanted a quote, you can delete the mark.

The quote you receive is usually the money to be returned to you on finding a buyer. The dealer will advertise your registration, adding on their commission.

Any prospective buyer will pay the necessary DVLA fee which covers your cost of a replacement mark for your vehicle if appropriate.

If a buyer is found, and a deal agreed, written confirmation of the procedure will be sent to you. The dealer will ask you for the following:

  • Your V5C registration certificate (logbook)
  • Your current MOT (if applicable)
  • A photocopy only of your current tax disc


  • Your retention certificate or certificate of entitlement plus authorisation to administer the certificate.

The dealer should always be holding cleared funds from the buyer before proceeding with the transfer and have given you full details as to when you will receive your full payment.

The dealer will check and submit all relevant documents to DVLA. Remember that any reputable dealer should be prepared to explain the process fully.

If you sell through a CNDA member, you have the security of being able to complain to the governing body in the first instance, following by asking the free Retail Motor Industry arbitration service if your complaint cannot be settled directly with the company.

Last updated: Wednesday 12th March 2014

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