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Buying from a Private Number Plate Seller

Unless you are buying from a well known friend or family member, the process of buying a number plate from a private seller can have a considerable number of pitfalls.

If you read through the article How to Buy from a Number Plate Dealer you can see that the main problem is concerned with the timing of money changing hands. In a private sale, there is no third party to hold funds pending completion.

If the sale warrants the extra expense, one idea is to enlist the services of a solicitor. Some solicitors will confirm the terms in writing and hold the cleared funds pending proof of completion. However, because of money-laundering regulations, solicitors are much more reluctant to do this now.

Since all the local DVLA offices are closed, the option of visiting the office together is no longer possible.

The form that's needed to either transfer or retain the registration mark being sold can be found in our DVLA Forms section. The specific form is V317 - apply to transfer or retain a registration. There are some notes attached for guidance. 

Last updated: Wednesday 12th March 2014

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