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Number Plate News Archives

November 2019 brings with it the release of the much anticipated 20 registration plate series. This provides a rare opportunity to pick up an incredibly sought-after private reg, with almost 8,000,000 DVLA number plates to choose from.

By James Russell

Car cloning has been hitting the news headlines again and causing concern for legitimate vehicle owners, the DVLA and law enforcement alike.

By Mel Butler

Popular registrations make the DVLA £76,000 and £180,000 respectively at an auction in Chesterfield.

By Peter Jepson

Details of the upcoming release of several R prefix number plates coming available in April. You can place your order now to be among the first to grab one.

By Peter Jepson

For the first time ever the DVLA will be offering Irish number plates for sale in their live auction at the end of February. Plates include BAZ 84 and IFZ 9

By Peter Jepson

Arab tourists and their supercars flood affluent London areas every year, renting their luxury vehicles from local high-end vehicle hire businesses.

By Peter Jepson

The owners of a white Ford have been hit with a parking fine after allegedly overstaying by 5 hours. However it appears like CCTV clocked a black car ...

By Peter Jepson

DVLA have auctioned off the number plate 25 O for £400k, going to the winning bidder, a Ferrari dealer in Berkshire. The plate has smashed previous records.

By Peter Jepson

A personalised number plate has been sold for £35m in a recent auction. Local sources refer to the registration as a "fancy number plate", reading simply 333355. It was one of 19 registration marks on offer in an auction announced by...

By Peter Jepson

The infamous Lotto Lag revealed he splashed the cash on luxury cars and personalised number plates. Lee Ryan, now 54, was a small time criminal when he won the £6.5million jackpot in 1995. Millions were spent on a fleet of cars;...

By Peter Jepson

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