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Private number plates are purchased for lots of different reasons by lots of different people.

By James Russell

At National Numbers, we love our local area of Teesside, where our head office is located.

By James Russell

Earlier this year, a range of motoring laws were implemented for UK motorists.

By James Russell

Sir Geoff Hurst - celebrated World Cup hat-trick hero - is selling his personalised registration WC66 ENG.

By Noelle Darwent

German car giant, Volkswagen, have been found to be cheating omissions test for their diesel vehicles. This is everything you need to know about the scandal

By Peter Jepson

Car chases, stunt drivers, drag races - modern cinema loves putting its cars through the wars and we love seeing them. One of the most common and most beloved is the Mustang, so we have collected the five best movie scenes for you all.

By Peter Jepson

An Australian number plate firm called MyPlates have received hundreds of complaints due to a recent ad campaign. The ad, targeted at female drivers, welcomes its audience to "man-proof" their cars by accessorising them with ... erm ... I...

By Peter Jepson

Number plate fraudulent sellers, beware of illegal registration plate dealers, only used suppliers on the RNPS list from the DVLA.

By Peter Jepson

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