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Is this Australian number plate ad "sexist"?

July, 31 2014


An Australian number plate firm called MyPlates have received hundreds of complaints due to a recent ad campaign.

The ad, targeted at female drivers, welcomes its audience to "man-proof" their cars by accessorising them with ... erm ... I guess you can say "girly" number plates?

It has proven controversial due to the picture of the male driver, who breaks wind and picks his nose, disgustingly wiping it on the interior of the car in unnecessary detail.

Obviously it is meant to be tongue-in-cheek (or finger-in-nose) but many are calling the advert outright sexist. Take a look for yourself:

As you can see MyPlates offers such elegant images such as shoes, hearts, flowers and tiger print for their woman-centric number plates. Not tacky at all.

But that one ad resulted in 350 complaints to the Australian Standard Bureau. Comments on the YouTube called the ads “stupid” and “disgusting” whereas others saw the funny side.

One commenter said: “Apart from being disgusting and, in the case of the nose picking one, virtually unwatchable, they're highly sexist, implying that men are all filthy pigs and women have no unpleasant habits whatsoever. Nobody needs this kind of crap.”

Plus YouTube comments include cries of "disgusting" and "stupid", and other things I'm not repeating.

So what do you think? Over-reaction? Is it sexist? Let us know.

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