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Humour Archives

There are loads of reasons to bag at least one private number plate for your business.

By James Russell

Recently, the Welsh government caused quite a stir with motorists in the country.

By James Russell

All the leaves are brown, and the skies are grey. But we?re not California dreaming, we?re ready for Halloween!

By James Russell

Do you know your foxes from your owls and rams? Find out with our football number plate quiz.

By Peter Jepson

Recently, one of the team spotted a cracking number plate that caught the eye of everybody in the office.

By James Russell

Today, National Numbers is going full number plate nerd with a brand new blog series.

By James Russell

The start of the Premier League is just around the corner, and we cannot wait to get things kicked off.

By James Russell

Private number plates can be used to symbolise lots of things.

By James Russell

Who here can honestly say they have never laughed at a funny number plate?

By James Russell

We love number plates at National Numbers, and nothing is more satisfying than finding the perfect business registration for a customer in need.

By James Russell

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