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Popular registrations make the DVLA £76,000 and £180,000 respectively at an auction in Chesterfield.

By Peter Jepson

DVLA have revealed the highest selling number plates ahead of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, including WEST HAM, ARSENAL and PRESTON.

By Peter Jepson

The infamous Lotus Espirit-turned-submarine was recently sold at auction. Driven by Roger Moore in the 1977 Bond film, The Spy Who Loved Me, the aquatic vehicle is said to still be fully operational, though it is not road legal. A bidding...

By Peter Jepson

Possibly the 'Oldest' Vauxhall in the world? The 1903 Vauxhall 5hp, believed to be the oldest surviving car of its kind, has been sold at auction. The classic car, which sports the number plate A 719, fetched £94,460....

By Peter Jepson

DVLA have withdrawn 1 BXV from auction as it has already been issued. The cherished reg was originally released in 1935 along with other BXV numbers. As the number plate is not currently showing as registered to a vehicle it is believed that...

By Peter Jepson

Iwan Thomas sporting the two number plates. British sprinting icon, Iwan Thomas, was handed the baton at today’s DVLA auction as he took bids on two number plates. The world of personalised reg plates is fast-paced and highly...

By Peter Jepson

The DVLA personalised registration auction at Whittlebury Hall, Northamptonshire, got off to a roaring start, with the number plate 'ESS 3X' selling for a "bargain" price of just £6,520.

By Matthew Smith

The Sun newspaper on Friday reported the plans of Manchester United fans to club together to buy Sir Alex Ferguson a personalised number plate. The number plate - UTD 805S, which reads UTD BOSS, was shunned by Ferguson, who told the fans...

By Peter Jepson

DVLA have removed two offensive personalised registrations from their upcoming auction. The registrations, F4 GOT and D1 KES, could have fetched over £900 each. A spokesperson for DVLA said, "DVLA has responsibility to ensure...

By Peter Jepson

The DVLA's next number plate auction, held in Cheshire, sees some fantastic personalised number plates become available for the first time. There's a registration to suit all kinds of people, places, spies, and lovers of summer races!...

By Peter Jepson

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