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1 BXV Scrapped from Auction

August, 31 2012


DVLA have withdrawn 1 BXV from auction as it has already been issued.

The cherished reg was originally released in 1935 along with other BXV numbers.

As the number plate is not currently showing as registered to a vehicle it is believed that it may have been scrapped or otherwise ‘lost’.

Number plates can only be transferred if on a roadworthy vehicle with valid tax and MOT, or on a valid retention certificate.

Current DVLA law says ‘lost’ number plates cannot be reissued, though as the true owner of any registration it is well within their ability.


An email apologising for any inconvenience was sent to every registered bidder on August 29th.

The auction, which takes place in Surrey, starts on the 6th of Septembers and runs for 3 days.

It is not uncommon for the DVLA to remove certain number plates from sale for various reasons.

At the last DVLA auction the number plate WA11 KER was pulled due to the rude word it can be seen as spelling.

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