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A top 10 list of the most expensive places to park per hour in the UK vs the world - includes a handy infographic to summarise the information.

By Peter Jepson

Approved instructors will soon be allowed to take learner drivers onto motorways.

By Noelle Darwent

This month the UK joins the EU system to share driver details across borders for some safety-related driving offences committed after 6 May 2017.

By Noelle Darwent

Why do cars need oil? We answer the question, and give you a quick guide as to how you can check - and change - yours!

By Noelle Darwent

New VED (Vehicle Excise Duty) car tax rules are due to come into force in April. Here's a breakdown of what's changing.

By Peter Jepson

Councils have been granted access to the DVLA's huge database of drivers in order to catch anti-social and environmental criminals, an article by the Daily Mail has revealed. Those found dropping litter, making too much noise,...

By Peter Jepson

Could You Be At Risk? The new British Crime Survey has revealed that every year, tens of thousands of cars and their owners are victims of Car Ringing - the term given to vehicle identity theft - where a fake, forged, or stolen V5C (the new name...

By Peter Jepson

There's a really good book available for anyone who's interested in number plates, the in's and outs of buying one, and plenty of stories about (famous) people who've bought them. Fanatical About Number Plates is available direct from...

By Peter Jepson

The donor vehicle must be currently MOT'd and taxed, taxed and MOT expired or MOT expired and tax expired less than 6 months. If you have declared SORN on the donor vehicle then the last tax disc must have expired (not refunded)...

By Peter Jepson

Maintaining accurate driver and vehicle records is a key purpose of DVLA. The Agency holds around 40 million driver records and 31 million vehicle records and their effective stewardship and maintenance is a critical mechanism for...

By Peter Jepson

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