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Mothers Day With National Numbers

March, 16 2020 | James Russell

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Yes, really!


Mothers Day With National Numbers

With Coronavirus making supermarkets resemble warzones, popping in for a last minute bunch of flowers might be off the cards this time round. So, what to get for the most important lady in your life?

You could go with a box of chocolates, maybe even a bath bomb, or push the boat out with some new perfume? No! Terrible ideas! Out-do your siblings and eclipse any Mother’s Day gift she is likely to receive. Get her a personalised number plate.


MUM plates are popular private registrations with a rich history, with many variations and number plate combinations being sold over the years.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular MUM plates over the years. Starting with MUM 1N which sold at auction for a whopping £9,200 back in 2004. Going even further back, we see the fantastic A1 MUM which sold for £12,400 at a DVLA auction way back in 1990. The absolute holy grail of MUM private number plates however has to be 1 MUM, which went for a staggering £24,000 in December of 1992. So, we can safely assume that some lucky mother got the best Christmas present ever in 1992.

Don’t fear if you don’t quite have thousands to spend on a MUM registration plate however, as we have a huge range available with price tags much closer to affordable in price than ridiculous. Such as UK60 MUM for £439 , GB52 MUM for £319, and GG66 MUM available for £599. All with fantastic finance deals to make them even more affordable. Take a look at our full range of MUM number plates here.

If like ourselves, you originate from the North East of England, or maybe the North West, Wales or Ireland, you may slightly recoil at the word mum because you call your mother mam and always have. You might have a long history of feeling unheard, even left out by the abundance of MUM cards and products on the shelves. But fear not! We have amazing mam number plates like L25 MAM, M25 MAM or G20 MAM with finance across the board. Take a look at all our of MAM plates here.

So now you have no excuse to forget Mother’s Day, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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