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Cheap Northern Irish Number Plates

Northern Irish number plates are permitted to take part in the cherished transfer scheme. All Northern Irish number plates contain an "I" or "Z" with the letter combination typically representing the county the registration originated from - for example, Enniskillen originally allocated "IL" marks.

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Cheap Northern Irish DVLA Number Plates

Are you in the market for a private number plate that looks a little different from other formats on UK roads? Look no further than a Northern Irish car reg, and specifically, a cheap Northern Irish reg from National Numbers.

What makes Northern Ireland number plates different?

All Northern Irish number plates contain an "I" or "Z" with the letter combination typically representing the county the registration originated from. For example, Enniskillen originally allocated "IL" registration numbers.

You won't find these letters on any other road legal private registrations in the UK, so Northern Irish car number plates are a fantastic private registration option if you want those letters on your registration plate, without flouting British standards.

Are Northern Irish private number plates legal in the UK?

The DVA (Driver and Vehicle Agency, Northern Ireland) in Coleraine was the equivalent authority to DVLA (Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency), Swansea, and initially, they produced Northern Irish number plates for Northern Ireland.

After July 2014, however, control over all DVA Government stock of car registrations was passed to the DVLA. Northern Irish vehicle registration plates are permitted to take part in the cherished transfer scheme and are perfectly legal on G.B. vehicles. Registration marks issued in the Irish Republic are not transferable.

So, to summarise, our collection of cheap Northern Irish DVLA personalised registrations contain road legal number plate combinations, all of which are legal in the UK even though they were originally issued by the DVA.

Northern Irish registration mark spacing

Spacing is a common question about these kinds of car number plates, and customers often have questions about the amount of digits that make up each registration number from Northern Ireland.

Basically, Northern Irish reg plates consist of up to four numbers combined with up to three letters. The first letter (also known as the age identifier) in three letter combinations indicates the year of manufacture for the registration mark, and the remaining letters indicate the area of issue for the car registration.

For example, Enniskillen issued 'IL' plates - 'AIL', 'BIL', 'CIL', etc. Belfast was allocated 'AZ' - 'AAZ', 'BAZ', 'CAZ', etc. There are eight licensing areas in N. Ireland, which are Belfast, Enniskillen, Downpatrick, Ballymena, Coleraine, Londonderry, Omagh and Armagh, with all of them featuring in Northern Irish private registration plates.

Cheap Northern Irish number plates - Why they are popular?

As you can see, cheap Northern Irish private number plates often lend themselves to the formation of names, e.g. 'DAZ', 'SIL', 'WIL', as well as options like MBZ for a Mercedes. In addition to this, cheap Northern Irish private number plates, in effect, can "cover up" the year of manufacture on DVLA registered vehicles. This is usually only the case for dateless private number plates, that are generally quite expensive by comparison.

However, the main attraction of cheap Northern Irish number plates is simply what it says on the tin - they're cheap, adhere to British standards, and are road legal according to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency.

Buy private Northern Irish number plates with National Numbers

When you buy with National Numbers, you'll also benefit from an excellent service from our team of experts. With years of experience, they help with everything from ordering acrylic plates, number plate valuations, finance options, information regarding retention documents and certificates of entitlement, as well as transfer fees and basically the entire private number plate transfer process.

The end result is you finding your perfect plate for the age of your vehicle from a registered number plate supplier who specialises in personalised plates.

We can offer registrations from as little as £195 and have a vast choice of Northern Irish number plates. Search for yours above or give us a call on 01642 363738.

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