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Our Stock
Our Stock
Here are F registrations that are exclusive to National Numbers

The F registrations represent the last series of personalised numbers held back for special release on the DVLA computer.

As a company, we take a pride in being the most successful in obtaining both stock and commissions on the day of release. Since the F registration was our last chance to excel, we obviously pulled out all the stops and have many hundreds of delighted customers.

Just to show we have the actual statistics to back up our claim, DVLA sold a total of 3523 F registrations on October 7th. National Numbers bought 21% of these, some 740 plates.

DVLA made a total income of £3.4 million from the sale of registrations on the first day of release. National Numbers sent a cheque to DVLA personalised registrations for £750,000.

That shows the extent of our confidence in this F registration release. In our opinion, in these days of economic uncertainty, F registrations provide a safe method of investment.

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