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'25' reg coming soon!


The much anticipated '25' series is being released this coming November and it is a rare opportunity for you to pick up a very special number plate. There will be close to 8,000,000 new registrations added to circulation, with many names and words becoming available to buy for the very first time.

Our proven track record means we are your best option for picking up your ideal registration. We have been buying from new releases since 1983's 'A' series, and we have used that experience to develop a method of buying the best registrations quickly on release day.

At previous releases we have fulfilled 98% of the orders made by private customers; while other companies and individuals struggled to even access their desired plates we were buying.

That sort of success rate speaks for itself.

For further details, the latest availability and pricing information, or to place an order for your chosen 25 registration with National Numbers, please call 01642 363738 or search below.

25 registration

Choose 2 prefix letters
The number 25

Choose 3 suffix letters
Please select two prefix letters, and three suffix letters

25 series registrations can only be assigned to vehicles registered on or after March 2025. If you don't have a vehicle to put it on you can keep the number plate on a retention document until you are ready.

Just a small selection of some of the fantastic 25 registrations coming soon

A + character indicates a letter of your choosing

These new reg plates can only be assigned to brand new cars registered on or after March 2025, and that means there will be several months before these vehicles even become available (the new number plates become available in advance of the vehicles), so the plates will first be supplied on certificates with an initial lifespan of 10 years.

This means you can secure your ideal new number plate now and you have a full 10 years before you need to assign it to a vehicle, or even renew the certificate further. That's plenty of time to obtain a suitable vehicle, but you don't even need to own a car to buy a new car number plate. Many buyers secure plates purely as an investment, never assigning them to cars and looking to sell their purchases later on.

If, however, you are lucky enough to be purchasing a brand new car when the 25 new registration plate cars hit the road in March, then you can register your new number plate straight to the vehicle when you pick it up!

Purchasing new number plates with National Numbers.

If you're in the market for a brand new DVLA private registration from the 25 number plate series, you've come to the right place. We have over 69 million reg in stock, and as a company, we're a leading personalised number plate supplier in the UK.

Basically, we specialise in the sale of DVLA personalised registrations, and have every format of vehicle registration available from the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency. This includes prefix private number plates, suffix and dateless registration marks, even Northern Irish car number plates from Northern Ireland (which are road legal for UK roads and will pass an MOT.)

How to buy a registration number plate.

The checkout and transfer process couldn't be simpler when it comes to buying private number plates with National Numbers, and we also have secure payments available for all private registration plates we stock.

Only supplying the very best government stock when it comes to new registrations, we can even provide acrylic plates to our customers and as standard, transfer fees from the DVLA are automatically included in every sale. We take debit and credit cards and have all kinds of plate styles on our website, and we can't wait to help you find the perfect private registration.

With registration plates to suit every budget and car registration plates for every vehicle, National Numbers is your best bet for finding the perfect plate for a price you can afford.

Buy personalised number plates today.

For the latest current style number plates, or any number plate format you'd like from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, all of which adhering to British standards for private plates, browse our massive range of personalised number plates today.

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