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Cherished Number Plates


Cherished number plates are usually dateless car registrations pre-1963, often found on classic vehicles. However, they also include newer, highly sought-after number plates.

They are 'cherished' because to remain in circulation for so long, their ownership had to be passed along - sometimes in one family for generations.

How to transfer a cherished number plate?

Cherished number plates exist in two states - on a certificate of entitlement (showing you as the legal owner), or on a vehicle. You can transfer a cherished plate from a vehicle to a certificate, or vice versa, with a DVLA fee of £80 payable to make a registration 'transferable'.

You can perform a transfer online or via the post; but will require the V5C log book for any vehicles involved. The vehicles must be taxed and tested, and of course any certificate must be valid and not expired.

If you remove a registration from a vehicle to a certificate or another vehicle, the vehicle will receive another registration mark to take it's place. This will typically be the original registration from before it was given a cherished number, or a random reg of suitable age for the vehicle.

How to sell a cherished number plate?

Firstly, we give you a FREE valuation with a suggested sale price you can modify. We then advertise your plate, find you a buyer, and handle the transfer.

Finally, you get paid what you agreed with no deductions. The buyer pays all transfer costs.

A special private plate for you

Although cherished number plates often command high prices, you do not have to spend lots of money to get a personalised number plate significant to you.

We are a quality award winning company with bags of experience, and have been successfully guiding clients through the transfer process of private number plates for over 40 years.

We're also very friendly, so if your search for a personal registration plate for you to cherish isn't turning up what you'd hoped, please give us a call on 01642 363738.

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We're also DVLA recognised - meeting the terms and conditions of the DVLA's ethical trading practices.

We're also DVLA recognised - meeting the terms and conditions of the DVLA's ethical trading practices.
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