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How do I fit a number plate to my car?

Fitting a number plate is very simple. Number plate screws have been common in the past, but nowadays most people use adhesive tape or pads to fit a new number plate to a car.

This means you don’t have to drill any holes, damage the number plate or change the number plate appearance. Which is quite important since that’s the whole reason you bought a number plate to begin with!


  1. If your old number plates are screwed in, simply unscrew the screws and the plates will come off. If they are stuck on with adhesive pads or tape, then you need to apply consistent and even pressure to the back of the plates until they come off. You can use a thin tool such as a paint scraper for this.
  2. Once the old number plates are off, you will need to ensure the back of your new number plates and the area of your car you are about to put them are both clean and flat.
  3. Remove the backing paper from the adhesive pads or tape and apply them to the back of the number plate. 
  4. To fit the new number plates, line up where you want them to be placed on the vehicle before you fit the number plates to the car. Also try and avoid touching the adhesive pads as this is rather unpleasant and it might make them lose some stickiness.
  5. Press your plate into position, holding firmly down for around 10-15 seconds. Pay close attention to the areas where the adhesive pads are on the number plate, making sure they are fixed securely to the car.


And that’s it! Well done, you're finished fitting number plates to a car. Easy wasn’t it!

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