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The Number Plate Laws That Can Land You With A Fine

Earlier this year, a range of motoring laws were implemented for UK motorists.


Every Banned Number Plate From The 22 Release

From BO71 LOX to B11 TCH and KN71 VES to C11 NTS, there have been loads of number plates banned over the years.


Renew Driving License When Over 70

In this blog, we will cover an important topic of driving in the UK - how to renew your driving license when over 70.


Everything You Need to Know About the 72 Series Reg Release

Are you ready for the 72 number plate release? You better be!


Driving Law Changes for 2022

2022 is a new year, which means time for some new motoring laws for the UK!


Ten Most Expensive Number Plates From The Last DVLA Auction

As you may or may not know, the DVLA release new number plates at different times throughout the year.


Green Number Plates, Electric Vehicles, and The Environment

The environment is a hot button topic at the moment, which is pretty understandable given the scale of the issue the planet is facing.


Buying The Perfect Number Plate for Christmas

It. Is... Chrriiiiiistmaaaaaaaaaaaaas! Ish.


Banned DVLA Number Plates - 2021 Edition

We love it, you love it, the DVLA do not love it, yep, it's the updated list of banned UK number plates for 2021.


Everything You Need To Know About The BSAU145e Standard Number Plate

We love blogging about fun stuff here at National Numbers.


Driving in Green-Listed Countries and The EU After Brexit

Since the pandemic, lots of people have been confused around lots of things. One of these things is driving and particularly, the rules around driving in green-listed countries.


National Numbers 40 Years Interviews - Part Two - Peter Jepson

To celebrate our 40th year as a business, we'll be chatting to Peter Jepson, Managing Director of Jepson & Co Ltd, parent-company of National Numbers.

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