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Everything You Need to Know About the 71 Series Reg Release

2021 will be a year to remember for a lot of reasons.


Top 10 Cars For Your Green Number Plate

The meteoric rise of renewable energy means that EVs (electric vehicles) are becoming increasingly popular.


Number Plate Changes for 2021

As we head into 2021, there are lots of things to look forward to, like... A COVID vaccine, erm, maybe returning to normality?


A Guide To Buying a Number Plate as a Gift

With Christmas just around the corner (yes, seriously), you're probably worrying about what to buy your loved ones.


Funniest Number Plates on UK Roads

Being a number plate dealer, we get all sorts of requests for personalised registrations. Whether it's names, initials, favourite football teams or a private reg for a business, we've seen it all.


7 Cars for the 70 Plate Release

As we all know by now (don't we?), you can't put a registration on your car to make it look newer than it is. So, that means no new 70 series reg for your 07 Micra.


Top 10 Number Plate Enthusiasts by Area

Ever wondered which areas of the UK were the biggest number plate searchers? Us too, so we've taken it upon ourselves to find that out, using our very own website search data from the past year.


9 Popular Questions about Number Plates, Answered

As a registered number plate dealer, we often receive questions around many different aspects of vehicle registrations.


3D Raised Digit Number Plates

Jepson & Co have been in the registration manufacturing game for years.


Top Ten Areas for Untaxed Vehicles

Ever wondered where the worst areas for untaxed cars are in the UK?


Number Plates After Brexit

Many people are understandably confused about the effects Brexit will have on Great Britain. From food supplies to healthcare, funding for regional areas and even things like education and small businesss, nobody is quite sure what’s going to happen. But the most important thing on everybody's mind is clearly? Number plates after Brexit.

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We're also DVLA recognised - meeting the terms and conditions of the DVLA's ethical trading practices.
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