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What are DVLA Number Plates?

Usually, the term DVLA number plates is applied by the public to registration marks issued by the DVLA, Swansea. It is an umbrella term often used to distinguish between marks issued to vehicles registered in England, Scotland and Wales as opposed to Northern Ireland.However, with the government stated policy to make DVLA facilities available on-line, the centralisation of all vehicle records, including Northern Ireland marks, has begun. The first stage was the issuing of registration documents (V5/C) in the same format.

DVLA plates issued to vehicles registered in England, Scotland or Wales have a readily recognisable format ranging from dateless, through suffix and prefix to the latest new style marks.

DVLA Plates - dateless

If you are a bit in the dark as to what these terms mean, we've previously explained number plate formats. However, briefly "dateless" plates are exactly what it says ie no year letter at all. Before DVLA became an agency, allowed to sell previously un-issued marks, these plates would have been on pre-1963 vehicles. However, very attractive dateless marks are now sold through DVLA auctions. These are issued on certificates of entitlement and have never been on vehicles before.

Prefix DVLA Plates

Prefix plates have a year letter at the front, one, two or three numbers followed by three letters indicating the area of issue. The 'A' prefix started in 1983 and extended until 2001 with the 'Y' reg.

Suffix DVLA Plates

Suffix registrations have a year letter at the end and extended from the old 'A' suffix in 1963, changing each year until 1982.

The latest DVLA number plates, often described as newstyle plates have taken a lot of getting used to as they look so different. Briefly, they consist of two area identifier letters followed by the year they were issued, lastly, three random letters are allocated. Feel free to use out website to make your own plate as we have specially adapted it for prefix plate searches and new-style DVLA number plates.

However, if you have read enough, try our number plates - clever search to view all our clever searches. All the types of DVLA number plates we have discussed are represented as well as initials and name searches. You can also use the search facilities to help you think laterally to find exactly what you want. We are confident that you will find something. However, if you prefer, by all means give our friendly sales staff a call.

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